Wednesday, June 22, 2011

News: Screaming Trees "Last Words: The Final Recordings" Album Out August

Here's some news to jazz up your Wednesday: a new Screaming Trees album containing remastered versions of their final recordings will be released early this August. The album is titled "Last Words: The Final Recordings" and was recorded in 1998-1999.

This news is as posted on Barrett Martin's facebook page earlier today:
"Hey Folks, I'm quite happy to announce that last night, Jack Endino and I finished mixing a new Screaming Trees album. Its the unreleased album we recorded in 1998-99 and its finally coming out on August 2nd on my label. Mark Lanegan, Van Conner, Lee Conner, and myself felt that these final songs should be heard, and soon they shall be. Here's the album cover, done by the renowned artist Erin Currier."

Yes, yes and yes!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Demo: Mark Lanegan Live at an Unknown Studio in Seattle 1991

Guess who's going to see Mark Lanegan in Seattle tomorrow?

...It's me, in case you didn't guess. In celebration of this fact here's an old live studio recording from Mark in Seattle from 1991. That's basically all I can tell you about this recording since I really don't know much else. (And in any case all you really need to know is that you'll get to hear some interesting versions of early Mark Lanegan songs.) So enjoy, and if anyone is also going to be at the Neptune show tomorrow holler at me!

1. Sunrise
2. Following the Rain
3. Judas touch
4. Shooting Gallery
5. Carnival
6. Wheels
7. Day & Night
8. Beggar's blues
9. Riding the nightingale
10 Judas touch II

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Compilation: Tee Pee Records 2011 Sampler

Here's the latest sampler from Tee Pee Records, featuring tracks by some Ritual Room favorites such as Naam, Ancestors, Night Horse, Jason Simon and Quest for Fire. (Naam's psychedelic cover of "Drain You", by the way, is awesome.)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Album - The Afghan Whigs - "Gentleman"

I'm not dead. This is a genius, emotional roller coaster of an album. Let the angst satisfy you.

1. If I Were Going
2. Gentlemen
3, Be Sweet
4. Debonair
5. When We Two Parted
6. Fountain and Fairfax
7. What Jail Is Like
8. My Curse
9. Now You Know
10. I Keep Coming Back
11. Brother Woodrow/Closing Prayer

DL: Afghan Whigs - "Gentleman"