Friday, April 30, 2010

Single: Sub Pop Edition #16 Blues Control - "Snow Day / Paul's Winter Solstice"

I have a feeling you might have to already be a Blues Control fan to appreciate this one but I guess you never know.

Both of the tracks on this single are really orchestral and delicately hypnotic, and if you're into really intricate and experimental instrumental stuff then this might just be for you. Personally, I think I'm going to have to give this one a few more chances since it doesn't have as much of a backbone as I'd normally like and I lack the immediate patience for it - although this is probably due to my fetish for epic doom metal as of late so don't let me stop you from checking this out. I realise my description was less than convincing but there's something strangely beautiful about these tracks so take of it what you will.

1. Snow Day
2. Paul's Winter Solstice

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Covers: Covers By The Screaming Trees

A new thing I'm starting here is to post collections of covers done by bands I like, starting with this one that I threw together by the Screaming Trees. This is by request and feel free to request anything else you may want to hear - I'm usually happy to oblige if it's something that I have and want to post here. This is where I would normally go into what the posted material sounds like but I won't go there since not only would talking about the Screaming Trees' sound be kicking a dead horse, it would be beating it, running it over a few times and then kicking it some more. If you have a burning desire to hear me go on about it then just search "Screaming Trees" on this blog and watch a million things come up. Enjoy!

1. Peace in the Valley (Traditional)
2. Darkness Darkness (The Youngbloods)
3. Feathered Fish (Love)
4. Freedom (Buffalo)
5. Love or Confusion (Jimi Hendrix)
6. Morning Dew (Tim Rose)
7. Song of a Baker (The Small Faces)
8. Tales of Brave Ulysses (Cream)
9. Tomorrow's Dream (Black Sabbath)
10. What Goes On (The Velvet Underground)
11. Working Class Hero (John Lennon)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

News: Melvins/Isis Split - Finished Artwork + Track Listing

I just noticed the final images for the Melvins/Isis split 12" being posted on Aaron Turner's blog, so here they are! I'm going take a guess and say there will likely be some different pressings of colored vinyl for this as well since, well, it's a Hydra Head release. This is the finished artwork for the split and the track listing is as follows:

1. Way Through Woven Branches
2. Pliable Foe

The Melvins:
1. Pig House (alt version)
2. I’ll Finish You Off (alt version)

"above: layout images from the forthcoming ISIS/MELVINS split 12". i supplied the illustrations, mackie osborne completed the layout. the 12" is intended to be released to coincide with the upcoming isis and melvins tours, during part of which the 2 bands will be touring together. if all goes with smoothly with print and vinyl production this plan will become actuality..." -from artist Aaron Turner's blog - read and see more here

Hopefully we'll actually see a release of this during the upcoming Melvins tour and HH will get their shit together on time (unlike with (A)SA). The new Melvins album "The Bride Screamed Murder" will be released June 1st also on Hydra Head.

On a more irrelevant note, I've been out of town for the past few days and my internet connection here has been beyond horrendous. Trying to upload albums is painstaking and pretty much impossible with hours of waiting and my computer freezing every couple of hours so I'll probably just skip the uploads until Thursday when I'm back home. (This is mostly in reference to the Screaming Trees covers I promised to post today.)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Album: Earthride - "Vampire Circus"

Here is Earthride's third album titled "Vampire Circus". This album may not be as traditionally doomy as, say, their self titled release, but I don't care about any hate towards this album becuase I think it rocks hard. This sounds something like Motorhead and Crowbar being thrown in a blender, then being poured into a swamp and sinking to the very bottom of it, and is just some super in-your-face, ballsy, sludged out Sabbath worship. A perfect party album for those who prefer doomy sludge and chilling out to Ke$ha and Jagerbombs.

1. Fighting the Devils Inside You
2. Understand
3. Vampire Circus
4. Dirtnap
5. Interlude
6. God's Own Medicine
7. Loss
8. For Wrath and Ruin
9. In the World I live
10. Swamp Witch

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Album: Black Mountain - "In The Future"

I had a terrible time trying to track this one down for some reason, so here's the second album from the Canadian based rock band Black Mountain titled "In the Future". This is a really eclectic band that's kind of difficult to pinhole into one genre, but they produce some really psychedelic, Black-Sabbath-meets-Neil-Young rock n roll with a serious edge... kind of "folk rock meets doom metal". Actually, this is what I imagine a way darker version of the Walkabouts would sound like - you will be hooked by the steady, catchy backbone of this album and reeled in by the mystical lyrics and psychedelic instrumentals. Not only that, but you will be baited in by the first ripping track, "Stormy High", and won't be able to stop listening from there.

...Can I think of any more fishing analogies to describe this? Probably, but for the good of everyone I'll just stick with posting this album. Listen and enjoy!

1. Stormy High
2. Angels
3. Tyrants
4. Wucan
5. Stay Free
6. Queens Will Play
7. Evil Ways
8. Wild Wind
9. Bright Lights
10. Night Walks

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Demo: Screaming Trees - Demos for Unreleased Album

Here are the last songs ever recorded by the Screaming Trees - some demos they recorded in 1998 for an album that was never released. These demos are really, really well done and well written songs, and I would say this is proof that the Screaming Trees disbanded too soon if the ex-members of this band didn't go off to do such incredible things. I also just realised how much Screaming Trees related material I post here, and I swear most if it is due to Steven e-mailing it to me. Needless to say these e-mails are very appreciated and I'm sure the Screaming Trees extravaganza around here won't stop with this. Enjoy.

1. Ash Grey Sunday
2. Tomorrow Changes
3. One Way Conversation
4. Low Life
5. Anita Grey
6. Crawl Space
7. Revelator
8. Anita Grey (alternate version)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Compilation: Inhale 420: The Stoner Rock Compilation

I'm usually not one to endorse super cheesy stoner rock gimmicks, but this compilation is actually really good and satisfying even for seasoned fans of the genre since it includes a bunch of lesser known bands and not just your typical Sleep/Electric Wizard/Bongzilla grouping. I'm also posting this becuase 420 was yesterday and I completely forgot about it until now, but I guess I celebrated in my own way by mashing Black Sabbath albums at work all day long. HIGH ON THE RIFF, NOT THE WHIFF!

1. Crowbar - Dream Weaver
2. Los Natas - Alohawaii
3. Supafuzz - Mr. Policeman
4. Sixty Watt Shaman - Southern Gentleman
5. Murder 1 - Whole Lotta Rosie
6. Gunfighter - Anti-Hero
7. Mammoth Volume - Seagull
8. Herbert - Devil's Garden
9. Bakerton Group - Mainstream
10. Sunride - Straightliner
11. Terra Firma - High Horses
12. Mystick Krewe Of Clearlite - Railhead
13. Rotors To Rust - Canaan

Monday, April 19, 2010

Album: Lucifer's Friend - "Lucifer's Friend"

Delving into 70's heavy/psychedelic rock can be a fairly overwhelming (yet, of course, ultimately satisfying) process since there's a ridiculous amount of excellent hidden gems to discover and yet a lot of crap to wade through. I've been a bit obsessed with digging up these said gems lately thanks to a friend's influence, and I'm actually posting this album on their riff-loving behalf because it rules and writing about this stuff is my bread and butter.

So what album am I speaking of, you ask? Well, lately I've been really into this self titled album by Lucifer's Friend from 1970, which mixes an awesome groove with Dio-esque vocals, insanely cool lyrics, a bluesy backbone, heavy riffs and psychedelic organs. I've heard a lot of comparisons to "Black Sabbath meets Led Zeppelin" for this band which I think is a pretty fitting description despite it being a bit of a general and generic one. (Not only that, but I remember reading somewhere that Led Zeppelin actually ripped off Lucifer's Friend... But really, who didn't they rip off?) My point is that this album will draw you in right from the first second and will have you hooked until the very last beat.

1. Ride the Sky
2. Everybody's Clown
3. Keep Goin'
4. Toxic Shadows
5. Free Baby
6. Baby You're A Liar
7. In The Time of Job When Mammon Was a Yippie
8. Lucifer's Friend
9. Rock n' Roll Singer
10. Satyr's Dance
11. Horla
12. Our World is a Rock n' Roll Band
13. Alpenrosen

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Live Recording: Soundgarden ("Nudedragons") @ The Showbox, Seattle 16/04/2010

If you missed the Soundgarden show at the Showbox in Seattle on Friday (I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the majority of people that wanted to go did... this show sold out insanely fast and was announced at the last minute), how about pretending you were there by listening to this live recording?

Other questions I have include: Why does Soundgarden love using wordplay so much? Will you look at this goddamn setlist? Will someone sell me the "Hunted Down / Nothing To Say" single that I couldn't track down today? And will I ever stop posting updates on this reunion?

Enjoy this! I converted FLAC files into MP3s here so let me know if you have any issues and I'll sort them out.

Searching With My Good Eye Closed
Rusty Cage
Beyond The Wheel
Ugly Truth
Fell On Black Days
Hunted Down
Nothing To Say
Loud Love
Blow Up The Outside World
Pretty Noose
Slaves And Bulldozers

Get On The Snake
Big Dumb Sex
Waiting For The Sun

Note: Since it seems that some people have been having problems with the tracks "Gun", "Ugly Truth" & "Slaves and Bulldozers", I did a seperate upload with those 3 tracks here.

Compilation: Hype! Soundtrack

I have to admit that "Hype!" (a documentary about the whole grunge movement) was a pretty interesting, well done film. It easily could have gone a lot of terrible ways and so I was relieved and happy to see that it did a good job of poking fun at the ridiculousness of the whole grunge thing while keeping the legitimacy of a lot of the music alive. There were also a lot of good interviews with influential, interesting people like Jack Endino, Mark Arm, Charles Peterson, Jon Poneman and Bruce Pavitt.

My point is that films like this have to be cherished, especially with the impending release of a Kurt Cobain biopic being seen over by Courtney Love (read more and lol here). I would rate "Hype!" above "Singles" (ugh) and below "Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears" on the imaginary scale of grunge movement films. So all that being said, I now present to you now the best part of the whole "Hype!" experience which is, of course, the soundtrack.

1. Fastbacks - K-Street (live)
2. Wipers - Return of the Rat
3. The U-Men - Dig it a Hole

4. Green River - Swallow My Pride (demo)
5. Soundgarden - Nothing to Say
6. Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick (live)
7. Nirvana - Negative Creep
8. Some Velvet Sidewalk - Mousetrap (live)
9. Dead Moon - 54/40 or Fight (live)
10. Girl Trouble - My Hometown
11. Tad - Giant Killer
12. Gas Huffer - Hot Cakes (7" version)
13. Young Fresh Fellows - Low Beat
14. Supersuckers - I Say Fuck (live)
15. 7 Year Bitch - Knot (live)
16. The Gits - Second Skin (live)
17. Flop - Julie Francavilla (demo)
18. the Posies - Throwaway (live)
19. Pearl Jam - Not For You (live)
20. Mark Lanegan - The River Rise
21. Pigeonhed - Fire's Coming Down
22. Fastbacks - Just Say
23. Sara Debell - Smells Like Teen Spirit (muzak version)

Friday, April 16, 2010

News: Amphetamine Reptile 25th Anniversary Festival Lineup

I'm just bubbling over with information today. Well, more like a lot of cool things are happening. (What the hell is this, 1989?) Here's the confirmed lineup for the AmRep 25th Anniversary Bash in Minneapolis. Melvins, Boss Hog, God Bullies, Hammerhead, The Thrown Ups?! This will take place on August 28th and also will include an art show of AmRep related work.

News: Record Store Day Tomorrow + Secret Soundgarden Show Tonight

Hey everyone, don't forget tomorrow (April 17th) is Record Store Day! Stoke-worthy releases for tomorrow include the Soundgarden "Nothing to Say / Hunted Down" 7" reissue and more of those incredible Melvins "(A) Senile Animal" box sets. (Plus a lot more). Read more on record store day and participating places here.

While I'm on the topic of Soundgarden, there will be a secret show tonight (April 16th) at the Showbox in Seattle. Apparently it's sold out already so kudos to anyone who got an e-mail with the password to buy tickets and got some in time. (I got an e-mail although it didn't do me much good since I live way too far away to make it feasible. But hey... record store day... that's exciting, right?)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Album: Indian - "The Unquiet Sky"

Well.... it's been a little while since I've posted some painful, leave-you-gasping-for-air, low end sludge metal, so here is "The Unquiet Sky" by Chicago sludge-giants Indian. This album is almost physically painful as is plods through these muddy, metallic, fuzzed out, deeply crushing tracks; actually, this is like the musical equivalent of slowly and methodically sharpening a rusty axe. So get ready for some seriously miserable, filth and doom ridden sludge metal with the most literal interpretation of the term "sludge" that I've heard in a while.

1. No Able Fires
2. Ration
3. Dead Weight
4. Los Nietos
5. Queen
6. Tied and Gagged
7. God of Panic, Lord of Decay
8. Loophole Noose
9. Shill
10. We Can Build You
11. Worshipper of Sores

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Single: Sub Pop Edition #15 Mika Miko - "Sex Jazz (extended) / Bastard in Love"

Mika Miko is a girl (or should i say grrrl) punk rock band that is sort of reminiscent of a more experimental version of Bikini Kill. I have a hard time with the too cheesy in-your-face attitudes of a lot of girl punk bands (ahem, L7) so it's cool to see some legit ones like Mika Miko coming around. I love how experimental this single is, incorporating all sorts of different instruments and styles into two really cool tracks.

1. Sex Jazz (extended)
2. Bastard in Love

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

News: Happy 25th Birthday, AmRep!

Amphetamine Reptile Records is turning the ripe old age of 25 (well, 25 years since they released their first 7") in August, and it seems that they're planning quite the birthday celebration in Minneapolis for August 28th, including live performances by the Melvins, Boss Hog and, wait for it..... The God Bullies! I can't wait to see what else they have planned.

Official announcement from the AmRep Facebook page:

"25 years ago AmRep released it's first 7". Aug. 28th 2010 is going to be a huge live birthday party in Minneapolis. Melvins, Boss Hog, God Bullies, Today Is The Day, and more!!!! Stay tuned - - - more updates - - - exclusive show only releases!!! Invite any and all to sign up here to get updates - and please help spread the word."

That's right, I'm doing my part to spread the word since I'm excited for anybody who will make it to this. If you've given in to the Facebook craze make sure to add the Amphetamine Reptile page to get updates on this. That is all.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Single: Solomon Grundy - "Spirit of the Radio / I'm Not the Freak"

That's right, I'm posting another Screaming Trees side project.

Solomon Grundy was a short-lived Seattle group featuring Van Conner on vocals and guitar that put out some pretty cool psychedelic rock in their short lifespan as a group. (Actually, the entirety of what Solomon Grundy released is this single and one full length album.) I'm not going to say that this single will kick your ass or change your life or anything, but Van Conner has mastered psychedelic music quite nicely and this single is all around pretty fun and worth a listen. This even includes a Rush cover and it's cool to hear the first inklings of what VALIS will be in these songs, back when VALIS was just a twinkle in Van Conner's eye. (Or, you know, something less creepy sounding.)

1. Spirit of the Radio
2. I'm Not the Freak

Saturday, April 10, 2010

News: Melvins/Isis Split Out May 2010

Yeah, maybe the upcoming Melvins/Isis split is slightly old news, but also is really exciting and is less than a month from being released on Hydra Head. In case you were wondering, there is a reason why I chose to post this news now - some art for the split was just released on Aaron Turner's blog and, in true Hydra Head fashion, it's super cool and surreal.

I'm not sure what to expect from this split but it's an interesting combination of bands and so I'm waiting with hesitant excitement. This could go a couple of ways and so I guess we have to wait and see... either way some intricate sludge is bound to be served up. Hopefully.

Album: Fu Manchu - "In Search Of"

Want something fun to listen to this Saturday night? Look no further! This is "In Search Of" by Fu Manchu - completely fuzzed out, spaced out, out of sight rock n roll. This album rolls along with an incredible groove and chilled out vibes as it takes you on a psychedelic journey through riffs, riffs and more amazing riffs. This album is infectiously catchy and cosmically hypnotizing... plus it's a goddamn Fu Manchu release which should be reason enough to listen right there.

1. Regal Begal
2. Missing Link
3. Asphalt Risin'
4. Redline
5. Cyclone Launch
6. Strato-Streak
7. Solid Hex
8. The Falcon Has Landed
9. Seahag
10. The Bargain
11. Supershooter

Friday, April 9, 2010

Album: Men of Porn - "American Style"

I have a feeling that the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game of Hollywood could easily be made into a "Six Degrees of Dale Crover" game for heavy music. He has been around the block more than a few times (all the while wearing tighty whiteys and gardening gloves) and seems to have the midas touch on everything he contributes to. On that subject, this is the first album by the Men of Porn; a project of Dale Crover, Tim Moss and Billy Anderson. Their debut release called "American Style" is from 1999 and is everything you could want from an album - deeply crushing heaviness, dirty spaciness and a thick, catchy backbone. I took my brother to see this band with the Melvins and Big Business a few years ago and fully enjoyed his look of horror and confusion as Tim Moss looped recordings of babies crying over feedback and noise. Just saying.

1. Comin' Home (Smokin' Pot on a Sunday Afternoon While UFOs Drone Overhead)
2. Dancing Black Ladies
3. Porch Song
4. Fat Trout
5. Teabaggin'
6. Ballad of the Bulldyke
7. Pyleven
8. Ode to Theodore's
9. Highlife
10. Ballad of the Bulldyke (Jam Jar Superstar Mix)
11. Double Don
12. End

DL: "Porn American Style"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Album: Reverend Bizarre - "In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend"

This was recently posted over on my friend's blog, COUNTS OF ARSON.

"After thinking about it for quite a while, and then having my opinion confirmed by some friends, I still don't want to give up. Give up on what, you ask? Give up on finding the most devastating, punishingly heavy album out there... that is heavier than BURIED AT SEA'S MIGRATION.

I'm talking sheer sonic weight, absolutely fucking miserable, monolithic, bigger than a tectonic plate, no-fun, just devastating shit. And it has to sell me from the first fucking note, like Buried At Sea does.

To the best of my knowledge, it is fact that nothing is heavier.
Please, prove me wrong. I await your replies."

Since I am never one to deny a worthy challenge I will probably make a few attempts at this even though it seems pretty bleak. When initially faced with this question, my sight was basically only set on sludge albums and I somehow overlooked one of the most crushing, down-tuned doom bands of all time... Reverend Bizarre! Their debut album "In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend" is an absolute behemoth and, clean vocals aside, this is one of the most crushing things I have ever heard. So... going through the list: Devastating? Check! Punishingly heavy? Check! Absolutely fucking miserable? God yes! Sold from the first note? Well, not really. This album is more of a sneak attack of heavy; the first track "Burn in Hell" is doomy for sure, but the painstaking heaviness doesn't really kick in until you get to the second track, "In the Rectory". Can I really call a traditional style doom album the heaviest album ever? I'm not sure yet, but even fans of bands like YOB and Saint Vitus might wince at the miserably slow, mammoth heaviness served up by this album. That being said, even as I type this I'm a bit doubtful that it's weighty enough to measure up with Buried at Sea but it is definitely a worthy opponent... that is, the most worthy opponent I have come up with so far. Questions like these kill me. Feel free to put in your two cents as well, I'm sure we would all sleep better at night.

1. Burn in Hell
2. In the Rectory
3. The Hour of Death
4. Sodoma Sunrise
5. Doomsower
6. Cirith Ungol

DL: "In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Split: Reverend Bizarre / Mannhai - "Under the Sign of the Wolf"

Here's a split from Reverend Bizarre and Mannhai titled "Under the Sign of the Wolf", in which each band covers a Pentagram song. There's nothing much else to say about this one other than this is two crushing bands doing awesome covers from an absolutely legendary and great band. All in all I feel that this is pretty much self explanatory. (Also, apparantly I'm not big with the words tonight since I can't bring myself to go off on a tangent as usual.) So... there you have it. DOOM!

1. Broken Vows (Reverend Bizarre)
2. Forever My Queen (Mannhai)

Monday, April 5, 2010

News: Soundgarden To Play Lollapalooza 2010

That's right, you heard it here first.

....Okay, maybe not, but it was literally just confirmed that Soundgarden will be one of the headliners for Lollapalooza 2010. It looks like this reunion will involve playing some shows after all! So don't hesitate if you're going to buy tickets, they're still being coy about announcing it on the Lollapalooza website.

Not only that, I noticed that some cool merch is for sale on the Soundgarden World website. I will probably hit it up just for old time's sake since I never did manage to get ahold of any decent shirts in my days of being obsessed with this band.

Links of interest:

Album: Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine - "Rampton"

What do you get when you put Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson in a band together? Well, about a thousand different titles come to mind. What do you get when you throw Lee Dorrian and Justin Greaves in the mix? You get Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine. The title is a reference to an Earth track, and this is their first and only release titled "Rampton".

Now... before you expect a bunch of feedback from Sunn amps with Lee Dorrian howling 400 pitches per second over it, let me just say that (thank god) that is not the case. Not only is this tastefully done, drenched in misery and filled with an unholy atmosphere and painfully slow riffs, but Lee Dorrian's vocals are actually tolerable... no, enjoyable, here! Also, this has to be one of the coolest things I've heard from O'Malley and it's not even recorded in an abandoned cathedral and the characters "0)))" are nowhere to be seen. This album even contains a goddamn Killdozer cover! This was, of course, released on Rise Above and Southern Lord and is just a really cool release (without desperately trying to be cool... take note, O'Malley and Dorrian. I hate because I care).

1. He Who Accepts All That is Offered (Feel Bad Hit of the Winter)
2. New Pants and Shirt
3. The Smiler

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Album: Upsidedown Cross - "Upsidedown Cross"

It might be Easter Sunday, but how about taking a little time out for Satan?

Upsidedown Cross is a band containing ex members of Kilslug, and their 1991 self-titled release is an evil, sludge-ridden fiasco of noise and greasy filth. Track titles like "Kill For Satan", "Hanging Witches" and "Mass of Blood" prepare you for what you're in for with this album, and Upsidedown Cross has to be one of the most "metal" noise rock projects ever. J Mascis even makes an appearance on this album playing drums, although this is a far cry from Dinosaur Jr and even Witch, with a way messier, angrier vibe than anything he's ever taken part in.

1. Upsidedown Cross
2. Kill For Satan
3. Redrum
4. Hanging Witches
5. Batallion of Rats
6. Bloodmobile
7. Mass in Blood
8. The Cup

Friday, April 2, 2010

Megapost: Snakepit Discography

Okay, so this post isn't really that "mega" since this discography consists of 5 songs... and before you start thinking that I'm posting a Slash project, let me introduce Snakepit as yet another one of those inbred Seattle groups that didn't last very long. This was a project of Joe Preston and Mike Johnson before they graced Dinosaur Jr or the Melvins and obviously is intriguing for that reason alone - it's worth a listen for anyone who's into the whole late 80's early 90's Seattle scene, but don't expect it to blow you away. My advice is... give it a listen, take it for what it is, then put on a Melvins album.

This was sent over by the guy who seems to be my source on elusive Seattle projects, Steven. Gotta give a big thanks to him for this and all the other singles he's sent over!

1. Wait
2. Susanville
3. Disease

1. Waste
2. Million

Compilation: "Sucking the 70s II: Back in the Saddle Again"

As promised, here's the second edition of "Sucking the 70s". See my below post on the first one for further information... not that's it's really necessary. This speaks for itself. Enjoy.

1. Sasquatch - Are You Ready
2. Puny Human - Crazy Horses
3. Clutch & Five Horse Johnson - Red Hot Mama
4. Dixie Witch - Rock Candy
5. The Brought Low - Don't Lie To Me
6. Novadriver - Sin City
7. Colour Haze - One Way Or Another
8. Alabama Thunderpussy - Man On The Silver Mountain
9. Dozer - Mongoloid
10. Acid King - The Stake
11. Halfway To Gone - Honky Cat
12. Antler - Those Shoes
13. Brad Davis - Outlaw Man
14. Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned - Season Of The Witch
15. Whitey Morgan and The Waycross Georgia Farmboys - Running With The Devil

1. Throttlerod - I Just Wanna Make Love To You
2. Red Giant - Saturday Night Special
3. A Thousand Knives Of Fire - Bonie Maronie
4. The Glasspack - Rock n Roll Singer
5. Roadsaw - When The Levee Breaks
6. Greatdayforup - Super Stupid
7. Fireball Ministry - Turn to Stone
8. Los Natas - Born To Be Wild
9. Scott Reeder - Two Of Us
10. Orange Goblin - New Rose
11. Mos Generator - Garden Road
12. Honky - Snortin' Whiskey
13. The Muggs - I Don't Need No Doctor
14. Amplified Heat - Neighbor, Neighbor
15. RPG - Parchment Farm
16. Valis - Dreamweaver

DL: "Sucking the 70s - Back In The Saddle Again"