Sunday, February 20, 2011

Album: Hater - "Hater"

I love this project and can't uptalk it enough - this is Hater's self titled release from 1993. Yeah, you get the Seattle superstar lineup (2 members of Soundgarden are involved), but don't expect Temple of the Dog! Expect really innovative and catchy alt rock. So enjoy... I know you will.

1. Mona Bone Jakon
2. Who Do I Kill?
3. Tot Finder
4. Lion And Lamb
5. Roadside
6. Down Undershoe
7. Circles
8. Putrid
9. Blistered
10. Sad McBain

DL: "Hater S/T"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Album: SuperGiant - "Antares"

I guess I've been pretty lame about posting here this month, but I just came across this album by SuperGiant from 2008 and am overcome with the need to post it. This album is called "Antares" and any heavy rock band with this hard of a Kyuss vibe is definitely up there in my books. The only downside to this is the occasionally terrible lyrics which is easy to overlook since the groove definitely makes up for it. And really, if you like riffs and groove and this album doesn't get to you then you must be dead inside. (Hell, I'm dead inside and it still got to me.)

1. Psychedelic Sunset
2. Petunias

3. WWM
4. Coition
5. Everyman
6. Hell Paces
7. The Devil, Jesus and Me
8. Luna
9. Sphere Mirror
10. Sol
11. In the Morning
12. 888
13. Beginning
14. Antares

DL: "Antares"

News: Soundgarden In The Studio

Okay, this isn't so much news as photographic evidence that Soundgarden is actually in the studio recording a new album but gimmie a break. Look at Chris Cornell. Look at the bun in his hair. They clearly mean business. I'm definitely curious to know what will come of this.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Single: Sub Pop Edition #26 - The Jesus and Mary Chain - "Birthday / Hide Myself"

The (un?)holy union of Jesus and Mary Chain and the Sub Pop Singles Club (v.1998) - it's exactly what you would expect. Fuzzed out, pessimistic, pop music. Get into it.

1. Birthday
2. Hide Myself

Monday, February 7, 2011

This Explains Everything

Album: The Cows - "Sorry In Pig Minor"

Happy Monday everyone - here's "Sorry In Pig Minor" by the Cows. This is an eclectic and ingenious album that was produced by none other than King Buzzo. (Who?). SIPM was their 9th and final album and continues to be a favorite of mine because of the weird, fun vibes and how accessibly wacky it is. Perfect music to start your week off.... am I right or am I right?

1. Cabin Man
2. Finished Again
3. No, I'm Not Coming Out
4. Dear Dad
5. Eurekal Funday!
6. Death in the Tall Weeds
7. El Shiksa
8. Life After Beth
9. Saliva of the Fittest
10. Felon of Troy
11. Say Uncle