Saturday, September 26, 2009

Album: Kintaan - cdr 08

this was given to me by a member of the band some time ago...though i don't rightly remember which one

these folks are 3 man unsigned operation out of providence,ri

one guy plays the drums
one guy plays the bass
one guy twiddles some knobs

so if you like some godheadsilo...some unsane-age...some early melvins...some swans (they cover their jam "cop" on this here thing)....a little early godflesh...but don't like pesky vocalists....this be for you

and now you should go and pay their space a little visit

tell 'em ipecac sent you....they'll know what it means

DL: kintaan - cdr 08

Live Recording: Neurosis - Live in Lyon


some of you may recognize my name if you've ever stopped by the blog shiny grey monotone

and if you've never been're obviously not reading the fine print written on the inside of the handicapped stall at your local chinese restaurant

but that's not why you and i are here...we're here for the muzak

this was an official "bootleg" released by the band back in 2002 of a concert they played over in lyon,france back in 1999 (11/02/99 to be exact)

and if you're here not knowing who neurosis is...bro...i don't know what to tell you...and maybe you should just go back to listening to your isis records

this band is the epitome of what's described up in the right hand corner of this very blog: heavy..primal..noisy..sludgy..crushing..psychedelic music (but what isn't mentioned is that they make one helluva chili)

1 - the doorway
2 - lost
3 - an offering
4 - away
5 - locust star
6 - times of grace

DL: neurosis - live in lyon

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Album: Melvins - "the Bootlicker" 1999

"the Bootlicker" has gone in such a different direction then previous Melvins albums have gone that i can't decide if you have to be a somewhat seasoned fan to fully appreciate it or if you would be better off hearing this before any other material. It's groovy, slow and definitly has an unsettling feeling to it. I would best describe this as "Melvins-lite" - it won't highlight how heavy they can be such as an album like "Bullhead" would, but I consider this to be a masterpiece. This album was released in 1999 (the second part to a trilogy of albums) and standout tracks for me are "Let it All Be", "Toy" and "Jew Boy Flower Head."

1. Toy
2. Let It All Be
3. Black Santa
4. We We
5. Up the Dumper
6. Mary Lady Bobby Kins
7. Jew Boy Flower Head
8. Lone Rose Holding Now
9. Prig

Edit: Well, here's another case of the band not wanting their album available for free. Gotta respect their wishes and take down the upload link. Sorry about that.

News: Sub Pop reissues "Superfuzz Bigmuff" and "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge" on colored vinyl

More Sub Pop reissues! Apparantly "Superfuzz Bigmuff" and "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge" are getting reissued on colored vinyl. You can preorder them now. I'm all over these, maybe even moreso then the "Bleach" reissue.

"Just last week, we released remastered versions Sunny Day Real Estate’s Diary and LP2 on colored vinyl (digital download code included) and CD, both of which feature bonus tracks. And, today we’re putting out remastered versions of Mudhoney’s Superfuzz Bigmuff, Mudhoney, and Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, all on very colorful, very collectible colored vinyl (also with digital download codes). So carpe these records and we’ll carpe your money. Cool?"
source: Sub Pop

News: Goatsnake Reunion

I'm very pleased to say that Goatsnake can be added to the list of bands reuniting this year. They're doing it for Roadburn but maybe there will be more dates in the future?

"The Wait Is Over! Roadburn is very pleased to report that seminal doom-legends Goatsnake will reunite for Roadburn Festival 2010.
Featuring the original line up of Greg Anderson, Guy Pinhas, Greg Rogers and Pete Stahl Goatsnake will headline the Thursday Roadburn date, April 15th, 2010

We are truly looking forward to the melodic, low-end assault that Goatsnake will bring to the festival, as we consider ourselves very lucky with this highly anticipated reunion"

Not only that; Yob and Sons and Otis are also already on the lineup for Roadburn. Christ.

source: Roadburn website

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ritual Room Compilation Edition #1

I usually try to go for music that's in its complete form (as in on an album, a single, EP, etc.) although i really enjoy making mix CDs and like the idea of posting some good mixes of music here whenever i feel the inspiration to do so. Its a good way of discovering music without committing to a whole album.

Feel free to submit ones that you've made to me as well.

For this edition I chose mostly energetic, catchy alt-rock kind of stuff to pick Monday afternoon up a bit.

1. Gas Huffer - Before I Kill Again
2. Hank III - 7 Months, 39 Days
3. God Bullies - I Want to Kill You
4. Bundle of Hiss - Amphetamine
5. The Walkabouts - Glad Nation's Death Song
6. Truly - Public Access Girls
7. Hater - Try
8. Blood Circus - Part of the Crowd
9. Butthole Surfers - Creep in the Cellar
10. Dead Moon - One Way Ticket
11. Big Black - Kerosene
12. Mugison - Two Thumb Sucking Son of a Boyo
13. The Jesus Lizard - A Tale of Two Women

Album: Soulsavers - "Broken" 2009 & more

Okay, so i have lot to say about Soulsavers.

First of all, I recently went to see them play with Mark Lanegan in Seattle (at Bumbershoot) and they sounded fantastic. The setlist included "Hit the City", "Revival", and lots of tracks from their newest album.

I took a couple mediocre pictures, here they are:
Now, onto the album itself: "Broken" has some chilling, haunting tracks, some with a hint of gospel, some experimental.. and what will really draw you in is the distinctive swing of Mark Lanegan's vocals. This album also has some really great contributors such as Gibby Hayes (Butthole Surfers) on "Death Bells", which is a really good, catchy track. And then there's "Unbalanced Pieces" which is undeniably a brainchild of Mike Patton. It's beyond cool to see a Patton/Lanegan collaboration. Even so, contributors like Patton, Hayes and Pierce are just the icing on a brilliant album. "Broken" is well worth your time - give it a listen and enjoy!

Soulsavers - "Broken" 2009

1. The Seventh Proof
2. Death Bells
3. Unbalanced Pieces
4. You Will Miss Me When I Burn
5. Some Misunderstanding
6. All The Way Down
7. Shadows Fall
8. Can't Catch the Train
9. Pharaoh's Chariot
10. Praying Ground
11. Rolling Sky
12. Wise Blood
13. By My Side

Another thing.. as if this wasn't enough content crammed into one post.. Here's a cool interview from with Mark Lanegan that was posted recently.

That's all for now.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Album: Skin Yard - "Start at the Top" 2002

I realised today that I titled this blog as a tribute to Skin Yard and still haven't posted any of their material. I couldn't really think of anything better to post then this 2002 release called "Start at the Top" which contains a lot of rare, previously unreleased and remastered stuff. All of these tracks are top notch in terms of production and sound quality, and has some of my favorite Skin Yard songs like "Watch". This CD was limited to 700 copies - i'm not sure if they're still available as I purchased mine a while back. Even so, you need to hear this.
2002, C/Z
1. Start at the Top
2. Watch
3. Jump the Wall (Gentle Collapse)
4. Machine Gun Etiquette
5. Twelve Points
6. Make Room
7. Snowblind
8. Bulldog (Alternate Version)
9. This Lonely Place
11. The Ha-Ha
12. No Right

**edit: the band (understandably) didn't want to entire album available for free, however here's the new link containing the first 4 tracks:

Monday, September 14, 2009

News: Shrinebuilder releases material, tour dates

So I've been waiting in anticipation for Shrinebuilder material since I heard it was happening, and they recently released a song on their myspace page called "Pyramid of the Moon". Obviously Shrinebuilder has some big expectations to live up to with members like Scott Kelly, Wino and Dale Crover but I really can't wait to hear more from them.

Also, they will be playing a few dates in the US in a couple months:

Nov 14, 2009 - Empty Bottle, Chicago, Illinois
Nov 15, 2009 - Le Poisson Rouge, NY, New York
Nov 16, 2009 - Emo’s Outdoor, Austin, Texas

Some Songs From BOTSC


This was a long time coming for me, but I found a decent amount of material by Brothers of the Sonic Cloth. I'm all over this. Its primal, spacey, miserable and crushing as hell .. what else would you expect from Tad?

Hopefully you're as stoked on this as me.

1. Dark Companions
2. Reemus Maximus
3. Snooch
4. The Immutable Path
5. Wrecked Nation
6. Centuries of the Night

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Single: Sub Pop edition #4 Afghan Whigs "I Am The Sticks/ White Trash Party"

I'm more than pleased to post this single for a few reasons:

#1. the Afghan Whigs are a great band with great lyrics (an obvious reason.)
#2. The version of "White Trash Party" on this single is slightly better than the version on "Up in It".. I think so, anyways.
#3. Both songs are angsty as hell - and The Afghan Whigs are an angsty rock band in the best sense of the word.

Here it is:

released 1989/04/01

1. I Am the Sticks

2. White Trash Party

Album: Guzzard - "Get a Witness" 1993

Here's Guzzard's first album called "Get a Witness". There's not much else to be said other than this is straight up heavy noise. Standout tracks for me are "Asleep on the Go Line" and "Ditch Diggers Too".

Guzzard - "Get a Witness" Amphetamine Reptile, 1993

1 Wubba
2 Ditch Diggers Too
3 Asleep On The Go Line
4 I'm Not The Baby You Are
5 Prudent
6 Life Away
7 Pinch
8 I'm A Pain, You're A Pain
9 Last

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feature: Sihr

When Sihr contacted me with some information on this release, i couldn't resist posting it. This is really well done, and they were even featured on Scott Kelly's radio show. Check it out.

"We are heavy, sludgy, fuzzed out metal with elements of experimental noise, prog, psychedlia, and stoner grooves. For fans of Neurosis, Electric Wizard, Mastodon, Melvins, Clutch, Bongzilla, Intronaut, Big Business, Kylesa, Minsk, Young Widows, Cursed, The Sword, Mouth of the Architect, Hawkwind, Ufomammut, 35007 etc." Tracklist: Sihr - Beneath The Twelve Mile Zone (2009)
1. Russian Legs
2. Comes With The Territory
3. Working With Knots
4. Running Wild
5. Unbecoming Misdeeds
6. Kumari Kandam

Demos: Soundgarden, 1987

So here are are some cool Soundgarden demos from 1987 - "Beyond the Wheel" is one of my favorite Soundgarden songs and this demo is really raw and great. The other song is "This is My Summation", another really good track. Basically, early Soundgarden material rules and you should listen to these immediately! Enjoy..1. Beyond the Wheel

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Taking Care of Business in Vancouver and Seattle

Hi to all you elusive, possibly nonexistant readers of this blog - just a heads up that ive been out of town visiting Vancouver and soon to be Seattle. I havent forgotten about updating, I simply havent had access to the tools needed to post. In short, its not you - its me.

Ill be back in the second week of September so make sure to check back then. If youre wondering what im doing, im going to see Soulsavers with Mark Lanegan and Modest Mouse in Seattle. Oh, and ive already seen Randy Bachman and a bad Elvis impersonator here. I dont know what this city is doing to me.