Sunday, June 27, 2010

Album: Magic Lantern - "High Beams"

I'm not even going to try and describe whats going on with this one. Expect to rock, groove, fall into a trance, get shot across the galaxy... who knows what else could happen. If you're in the mood for some seriously far out, smoking hot psych rock, look no further.

1. Deathshed Hawkmoth
2. Feasting On Energy
3. Night Mane
4. Vampires In Heat
5. Cactus Raga

DL: "High Beams"

Friday, June 25, 2010

EP: Black Mountain - "Druganaut"

What's that? A Canadian psychedelic rock band that's actually good? That's right! I really can't resist posting Black Mountain's "Druganaut" EP from 2005 here since, first of all, their new album is due out in a couple of months and, second of all, I'm going to see them play tonight. (And thirdly, of course, becuase it's really good.) This EP basically contains an extended remix of the catchy track "Druganaut" from their self titled release as well as 3 other tracks including a "campfire version" of the track "No Satisfaction".

All in all these are a bunch of dreamy, psychedelic, catchy and innovative tracks and I urge you to check out this band if you haven't already. (And if you like what you hear, search Black Mountain on this blog and watch a couple other things come up.)

1. Druganaut (extended remix)
2. Buffalo Swan
3. Bicycle Man
4. No Satisfaction (campfire version)

Album: Gentleman's Pistols - "Gentleman's Pistols"

I guess it should be obvious by now that I'm really big on 70's influenced hard rock, which is why I immediately loved the blues tinged, heavy rocking, frantic grooving style of this self-titled album by Gentleman's Pistols.

There are hints of the bluesy, soulful style of Cream, the steady rolling, heavy groove of Black Sabbath, and the frantic, rocking style of Sir Lord Baltimore all over this album which was (misleadingly) released in 2007 on Rise Above Records. What sets this apart from bands of a similar tread is, first of all, the really apparant and awesome Sir Lord Baltimore influence, and the fact that that they even manage to throw in some strange comedy (like on the track "Heavy Petting") and hints of doom metal amongst what would otherwise be a rock n roll album. All around a really enjoyable release and is definitely recommended for fans of Witchcraft, Graveyard or Night Horse.

1. Just A Fraction
2. Out of the Eye
3. Heavy Petting
4. Widow Maker
5. The Lady
6. Lying & Fooling
7. Mistress Mistrust
8. Creamy Lid
9. Vivid Wonder
10. Parking Banshee

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Album: Malachi - "Wither To Cover The Tread"

Todays menu features a heavy dose of crusty, cello-driven sludge metal. Dark, gloomy riffs build slowly into more rocking sections and back again, with quite a few moody instrumental pieces and ambient atmospherics in between. The song-writing seems really thought out and well put-together. Throat-shredding female vocals trade off with the lower, gruff sounding voice of the bassist but both are used sparingly and exactly where they should be. The cello parts add that extra eerie, haunting feel which really puts things over the top for me. The production is thick and gritty, with everything still being perfectly audible. In short, if you like your music dark, pissed off and depressing, give this a listen. Malachi are one of the better bands doing the epic crust/sludge with cello thing these days.
Buy it too.

1. Lifeless
2. Ivory Walls
3. Desert Rift
4 .Wither To Cover The Tread

DL: "Wither To Cover The Tread"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Album: Mad Season - "Above"

I was initially a bit hesitant about posting this one since Mad Season was definitely one of the better known 90's supergroups... which is sort an obvious statement considering this band was fronted by Layne Staley with Mike McCready on guitar, John Baker Saunders (who would be of the Walkabouts) on bass and Barrett Martin on drums. I decided to post this anyways since their only album called "Above" has stuck with me for years and is a really powerful, groove heavy and rocking grouping of songs. The best thing about Mad Season to me is that they took the 70's blues rock influence and used it to create a really powerful and innovative grouping of songs unlike, say, Temple of the Dog who basically just parodied it. Mark Lanegan even graces this album with his presence a couple of times on the track "I'm Above" and the jazz laced track "Long Gone Day".

So in conclusion... I'm not sure I can say that "Above" is really a hidden gem, (actually I think I bought my copy at Best Buy, so no, it's definitely not) but if you haven't heard it yet maybe you should put your Pearl Jam albums in the hands of your dad where they probably belong and give this a listen instead.

1. Wake Up
2. X-Ray Mind
3. River of Deceit
4. I'm Above
5. Artificial Red
6. Lifeless Dead
7. I Don't Know Anything
8. Long Gone Day
9. November Hotel
10. All Alone

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tour Dates: Sleep Reunion Tour

This is probably pretty common knowledge by now, but in case you've been living under a rock, SLEEP is reuniting to play a few shows this September. Not only that, but they'll be playing Holy Mountain in it's entirety for this tour. I also read that Jason Roeder of NEUROSIS will be behind the kit. If you get a chance, hit one of these dates up! I know Cara will be at ATP, and I'll likely be able to end up in Portland to check out YOB and Scott Kelly as well. Not even the amount of shitty hipsters who are stoked right now will be able to take away from how awesome this will be.

9/3 Monticello, NY – All Tomorrow’s Parties

9/7 Philadelphia, PA – Starlight Ballroom

9/8 New York, NY – Brooklyn Masonic Temple w/ Lichens
9/9 Chicago, IL – Logan Square Auditorium w/ Lichens

9/10 Austin, TX – Mohawk w/ Sub Oslo

9/11 Portland, OR – Roseland Theater w/ Scott Kelly and Yob
9/12 San Francisco, CA – Regency Ballroom

Album: Crowbar - "Odd Fellows Rest"

For the longest time, I only associated Crowbar with Pantera and shitty bros who watch too much Headbangers Ball. Upon actually listening to Crowbar, I immediately realised what a mistake I had made. So if you're in the same boat I was, get ready to have your world collapse. This is the album that changed my mind, and from the moment "Planets Collide" started I knew I was in for some seriously heavy sludge. I started hearing these incredible down-tuned and burly riffs that also contained a lot of really sad melodies. Then came Kirk's throaty, soulful singing which relayed suffering, struggle, and life's hardships. I was sold and haven't looked back since. They quickly became one of those "soundtrack to your life" kind of bands. Historically, this was Crowbar's fifth studio album (1998), and it marked the beginning of a thicker, cleaner sounding production, as well as a move in a slightly more melodic direction. That said, it still manages to be heavier and darker than anything the band had done previously. Highly reccomended. Hail NOLA.
  1. Intro
  2. Planets Collide
  3. ...and Suffer as One
  4. 1,000 Year Internal War
  5. To Carry the Load
  6. December's Spawn
  7. It's All in the Gravity
  8. Behind the Black Horizion
  9. New Man Born
  10. Scattered Pieces Lay
  11. Odd Fellows Rest
  12. On Frozen Ground
DL: "Odd Fellows Rest"

Slave to no one but your misery...

Radio: The Chocolate Bicycle Experience Version 4.0

Well, The Chocolate Bicycle Experience radio show was making people feel violated and uncomfortable once again yesterday morning, but in case you missed it here it is. A track listing is below, but let me say that this is some prime Colostomy Grab-Bag/Ritual Room inbreeding with a healthy dose of metal mixed in as usual. And we've got some more tricks up our sleeves.

1 - Stevie Wonder - Superstition
2 - Kyuss - Mudfly
3 - Origin - Disease Called Man
4 - Fantomas - Cape Fear
5 - Dial - Always At The Border
6 - Melvins - The Brain Center At Whipples
7 - Milquelizard - A Dame To Kill For
8 - Pelican - Drought
9 - Porn (The Men Of) - Dancing Black Ladies
10 - Portal - Omnipotent Crawling Chaos
11 - Count Von Count - Pharmboss
12 - The Ocean - The City In The Sea
13 - Brutal Truth - Collapse
14 - Birds Of Prey - Turning Big Rocks Into Little Rocks
15 - Trouble - Psalm 9
16 - Shrinebuilder - Blind For All To See
17 - Sugartooth - Sold My Fortune
18 - Charles Manson - Look At Your Game Girl
19 - Pentagram - Forever My Queen
20 - pageninetynine - In Love With An Apparition
21 - Ping - The Castle Massacre
22 - Beehoover - A Foul Smelling Wheel Called Downhill
23 - Men At Work - Land Down Under
24 - The Deli Creeps - Can I Have A Ride
25 - Mondo Generator - Like You Want
26 - Alice Bowie - Earache My Eye
27 - Boredoms - Bubblepop Shot

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Album: Ocean - "Pantheon Of The Lesser"

This one might require a bit of patience at first, but it's infinitely rewarding. These two songs (which fall just under an hour total) display some of the finest (very minimalist) doom you'll ever come across. Things start off at the pace of a snail with a riff being played so sparsely that it almost just feels like a bunch of single notes. After a while things quiet right down and start to really build into something which you just know is going to be fucking immense. And oh god, is it ever. If for some reason that first climax wasn't enough for you, things quiet down again afterwards as the rise and fall begins once more, this time with guest vocals from Yoshiko Ohara of Bloody Panda which actually end up being one of the more throat-shredding, heartbreaking performances I can think of. That said, Ocean's vocalist displays some really great and powerful ranges as well throughout the album. And all that is just the first song! Of The Lesser builds into an equally(if not more) satisfying (HEAVY!!!) dirge which will leave you emotionally exhausted as it plods along.

In short, there's some incredible compositional dynamics going on, and even though the focus is on a very stripped down and minimal atmosphere, the pay-off is just as huge and rewarding as the most monolithic, crushing (insert other doom cliches here) riffs you can think of. It's as bare, as organic, as brutally heavy of an expression as you could hope for. I cannot reccomend this enough.

1. The Beacon
2. Of The Lesser

DL: "Pantheon Of The Lesser"

Friday, June 18, 2010

Compilation: Seattle Syndrome Vol. 1-2

believe it or not,folks...there was music coming out of seattle before nirvana

these were originally released on cassette during the early part of the 1980's

1 - the beakers - four steps toward a cultural revolution
2 - 3 swimmers - bar 2000
3 - bob blackburn - bombsights over amerika
4 - vains - school jerks
5 - the enemy - pull down the shades
6 - lewd - cold & numb
7 - rally go - mass brew action
8 - silly killers - nothing to say
9 - the accused - highway star*
10 - mr. epp and the calculations - intellectual fool
11 - blackouts - being be
12 - phillipo scrooge - love is a tractor
13 - body falling downstairs - the politics of ecstasy
14 - the macs - i'm 37
15 - beat happening - our secret
16 - accident - kill the bee gees
17 - solger - repetition
18 - ten minute warning - buried alive
19 - student nurse - discover your feet
20 - moving parts - under
21 - steddi 5 - fame or famine
22 - rpa - shoot the pope
23 - the fartz - the rights
24 - the refuzors - white power
25 - fastbacks - whenever i'm walking

*=deep purple cover

DL: seattle syndrome vol. 1-2

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EP: Night Horse - "Sympathy Ain't Free"

I have been waiting for this Night Horse EP for what seems like forever and so I'm really stoked that it's finally here. This was actually released for free today (as a promo) on the band's website, but since not everyone may be aware of it I'm uploading it here as well (or you can go to and sign up with your e-mail for a download link).

This EP is titled "Sympathy Ain't Free" and includes a ripping track called "Rollin' On" from their upcoming album as well as a couple of b-sides. In true Night Horse style, this vibes out a bit of Thin Lizzy, a bit of Led Zeppelin, and a lot of 70's rock n roll spirit. The first two tracks rage on with a steady rolling groove and finishes with an ethereal acoustic track called "Black Clouds". Night Horse's new album is called "Perdition Hymns" and will be released August 3rd on Tee Pee Records.

1. Rollin' On
2. Sympathy Ain't Free
3. Black Clounds (acoustic)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Radio + Interview: AmRep-stravaganza

Well, that special time has come once again. Yep, the Chocolate Bicycle is back and all the neighborhood kids are getting on board! This is a very special edition of the experience because it is a carefully chosen retrospective of the legendary and iconic Amphetamine Reptile label. This includes a little bit of everything from songs from some of the label's first releases right up to recent ones like the one by H.O.F and Gay Witch Abortion. ...But if all that wasn't enough for you, this juicy morsel also comes with a side of Thomas Hazelmyer - that's right, our very own ipecac has put together a little interview with the founder of AmRep himself to go along with this show which you can take a look at here.

So enjoy your ride on the Chocolate Bicycle... nobody has to know.

1. Halo of Flies - Ballad of Extreme Hate
2. The Cows - Saliva of the Fittest
3. Tad - Obscene Hand
4. Boss Hog - Big Fish
5. Cosmic Psychos - The Man Who Drank Too Much
6. U-Men - That's Wild About Jack
7. Gnomes of Zurich - Huzzah's Good Deed
8. Helmet - Primitive
9. Godheadsilo - Lotion Pocket
10. Lubricated Goat - Goats and the Men Who Ride Them
11. S.W.A.T - In The Ghetto
12. Heroine Sheiks - Let's Fight
13. Guzzard - Asleep on the Go Line
14. Calvin Krime - Fantabuloso
15. H.O.F/Gay Witch Abortion - Drinking With Yow
16. Janitor Joe - Big Metal Birds
17. Tar - Viaduct Removal
18. Chokebore - Coat
19. Lowercase - Palace Vaccine
20. Unsane - Scrape
21. Melvins - Real Fucking Nasty
22. Silver Salute - The Shit
23. Haze XXL w/ David Yow - Infestation of Buffalo
24. Mog Stunt Team - King of the Retards
25. Surgery - Breeding
26. Today is the Day - Come on Down and Get Saved
27. King Snake Roost - Gutterbreath
28. Vertigo - Like I'm Already Dead
29. Servotron - Matrix of Perfection
30. Gaunt - Insangel
31. Supernova - Sugar Coated Stucco
32. Hammerhead - Moleboy
33. Casus Belli - telemarketing
34. Mama Tick - Breathe Out
35. Love 666 - Ball and Chain
36. God Bullies - Let's Go To Hell
37. Helios Creed - Go Blind
38. The Jesus Lizard - Pop Song
39. Hedonists - Deepest Secret Fear
40. The Thrown Ups - Person in my Bowel (Is Sad)

DL: Part 1
DL: Part 2

Album: Cavity - "Supercollider"

I wouldn't say that this album is underrated, as people who love this really love it. Maybe underappreciated by the general population of heavy music fans is more appropriate. Think Black Flag meets Black Sabbath, coming together to sound like a more coherent Eyehategod. Basically this is some really heavy, pissed, and rocking sludge from the swamps of Florida. The band really got their shit together for this one. It's so well done that it feels like one of those totally classic records that you can throw on at any time and vibe out to. And trust me, if you're skeptical, this stands miles above every other typical stoner/sludge band that just ends up sounding like Bongzilla. Theres a lot of energy here, and it's a lot of fun. For the curious, members were/have been/are in Floor, Torche, and Black Cobra.
You need this.

DL: "Supercollider"

Monday, June 14, 2010

Album: Naam - "Naam"

I actually got into Naam thanks to the Tee Pee Records online sampler (which is killer and if you haven't already, you should download HERE) and haven't looked back. Here their self titled album which sounds something like a hybrid of the middle eastern, meditative style of Om combined with the furiously jammed out and psychotic style of Earthless. There are a ton of experimental elements in this album and it's almost overwhelming upon first listen, but I find something new I like about it each time I listen to it; in fact, there's everything from psychedelic organs to Hawkwind-esque riffs to tribal drums and so I am confident that any fan of heavy or psychedelic music will find something to love about this release. This is a really unique stepping stone for psychedelic music and yet exactly what you would expect from a Tee Pee release.

1. Kingdom
2. Stone Ton
3. Skyling Slip
4. Fever If Fire
5. Tidal Barrens

6. Icy Row
7. Westered Wash
8. Frosted Tread
9. Windy Gates
10. Black Ice

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Split: Om / Six Organs of Admittance

Since there seems to be a roll of awesome splits around here lately, here is a split single done by Om with Six Organs of Admittance. Two tracks. Both tracks are psychedelic, meditative, and fuzzed out. The Om track starts this split off with a rocking, tribally heavy track called "Bedouin's Vigil", and the Six Organs of Admittance track, "Assyrian Blood" proves to be a slow, fuzzy, droney finisher. All in all this is a really well done single from a couple of great bands.

1. Bedouin's Vigil (Om)
2. Assyrian Blood (Six Organs of Admittance)

Album: Mammatus - "Mammatus"

Heres some absolutely blistering psych rock from this Santa Cruz, California band. The album freaks out, grooves, and will have you floating along the astral planes in no time. "The Righteous Path Through The Forest Of Old" concludes with one of the finest riffs that will ever be conceived by anyone, after it settles into an almost Sabbathian groove. "The Outer Rim" is a spaced out jam that will take you just where it says it will. And "Dragon Of The Deep" was so massive that they had to divide it into two parts, the first having a lot more, dare I say, funk, and the second slowing down quite a bit as it plods along to it's massive conclusion which ever-so-slightly brings to mind Sleep's "Dopesmoker". Absolute riff mastery. This album should appeal to fans of space and stoner rock alike, so take a gamble. I guarantee that by the end of the first track you won't be disappointed. Serious rocking will occur. Far out.

1. The Righteous Path Through The Forest Of Old
2. The Outer Rim
3. Dragon Of The Deep pt. I
4. Dragon Of The Deep pt. II

DL: "Mammatus"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Split: Graves At Sea / Asunder

I always felt that the material I had heard from Graves At Sea was never that special, and kind of uninspired. But whatever the problem was, they took care of it here on what ended up being their last recorded output. They're certainly not breaking any boundaries, yet these two songs are just so well done that I can't help but groove along. The vocals actually end up being one of the highlights for me, as they're satisfyingly evil and tormented. There's also a few legitimately awesome riffs in "Pariah" which stand out quite a bit. If you like the sound of Burning Witch meets Eyehategod or something along those lines, look no further. Crushing and evil doom.

On the flip side, Asunder offer up what I think is one of the more menacing songs they've done. It plods along at the pace of a funeral march, as riffs and melodies rise and fall slowly (over the song's 20 minute span), while progressing onwards to the next idea. The band always displays some incredible songwriting. And although I described this as menacing, there's of course a heavy dose of mournfulness and sorrow. This is some seriously heavy and gloomy stuff that I can never reccomend enough.

Graves At Sea:
1.Whited Sepulcher

LP still available from 20BuckSpin and CD from lifeisabuse.

DL: "Graves At Sea/Asunder"

Split EP: Electric Wizard / Reverend Bizarre

Here is a crushingly evil split done by Electric Wizard and fellow heavy music masters Reverend Bizarre. The Electric Wizard track, in true form, is fuzzed out, riff heavy trip and the Reverend Bizarre track is an incredible interpretation of the Beherit track "The Gate of Nanna". I have read a few reviews of this split where the praise is focused on the Electric Wizard track but I would just like to point out how great and the Reverend Bizarre one is. I'm obsessed with this cover and spun it on repeat for hours when I first recieved this EP.

1. The House on the Borderland (Electric Wizard)
2. The Gate of Nanna (Reverend Bizarre)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Radio: The Chocolate Bicycle Experience Presents... Shiny Grey Monotone

It's that time again! Ready yourselves, because The Chocolate Bicycle Experience is here once more and this time it means business. Very serious business.

If you know of the blog Shiny Grey Monotone you know what you're in for with this radio show. If you aren't, well, I don't know what to tell you. Just wear protection and hope for the best.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

EP: Mark Lanegan Band - "Here Comes That Weird Chill"

That's right, I'm posting more Mark Lanegan material.

The "Here Comes That Weird Chill" EP is a release containing all the extras and oddities from the Mark Lanegan Band album "Bubblegum", and yet I almost enjoy this EP more than "Bubblegum" itself since it contains so many brilliantly haunting, forlorn, gospel laced tracks. Actually, this has everything from steady rolling, catchy songs to slow, painful ones that will tug at your heartstrings. The standout track on this EP for me is "Lexington Slow Down", which is heartbreaking, dark and one of my all time favorite Lanegan tracks. This also contains two versions of the track "Sleep With Me" and the famous "Methamphetamine Blues"...and if all that wasn't enough for you, this EP also features guest spots from the likes of Josh Homme, Chris Goss, Greg Dulli and Nick Oliveri. This is truly some dead slow rock and roll with that signature, deep Lanegan swing that we all love.

1. Methamphetamine Blues
2. On the Steps of the Cathedral
3. Clear Spot
4. Message to Mine
5. Lexington Slow Down
6. Skeletal History
7. Wish You Well
8. Sleep With Me
9. Sleep With Me/Version

Meet the New Guy Part II

Well, things just got a lot heavier around here. Why, you ask? We have a new contributor who (I apoligise in advance for this) puts the "ev" in "heavy music".... Evan!

...I see he already introduced himself but I feel it's only polite to welcome him in a fitting and slightly embarassing fashion since him and I have shared many conversations about heavy music, relentlessly made fun of the new Cathedral album, and have gotten ourselves worked up over dumb doom subgenres on more than one occasion. (I also posted his challenge to find something heavier than "Migration" by Buried At Sea a while ago and am still waiting for a worthy response... if there even is one.)

My point is, now you can also appreciate his music related ranting and raving as well, so get ready for some heavy-as-hell sludge, crushing doom, catchy metal jams and enjoyable rambling. And if you're lucky he might let you take a look at his Times of Grace tattoo or tell you stories about floating along the astral planes.

That's all for now.

Album: U.S. Christmas - "Eat The Low Dogs"

U.S. Christmas was founded in 2002, and hail from the mountains of northern Carolina. If you're not already familiar with them, imagine Neil Young colliding with Hawkwind on a really dark acid-trip into outer-space. If that doesn't sound good to you, I don't kow what else to say. Basically, this is some really dark and gloomy psychedelic rock (emphasis on the ROCK, as there is a lot of rocking going down.) As opposed to drugs, astral planes and other psychedelic cliches though, USX focus more on nature, paranoia, loss, and subjects of that ilk. This a very unique and powerful album that I can't reccomend enough, as it's sure to satisfy any fan of heavy and psychedlic music (readers of this blog). If you listen to it when you're in a bit of a darker mindset, you'll inevitably be consumed.

  1. In the Light of All Time
  2. The Scalphunters
  3. Say Sister
  4. Silent Tongue
  5. The Light and Trails
  6. Uktena
  7. Gallows Humor
  8. Black Lung
  9. Pray to the Sky
DL: "Eat The Low Dogs"

To briefly introduce myself since I'm new around here, my names Evan. I'm really stoked to have been asked to contribute to this blog, as theres definitely some pretty cool things going on. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up the same amount of quality music that's been posted already. I'm also hoping to bury you in sludge.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Single: Sub Pop Edition #17 Tyvek - "Duck Blinds / Pamphlet"

This could possibly be the shortest Sub Pop single I have posted thus far - clocking in at a total of a little over three minutes, this is a really short and sweet yet effectively done single. I won't lie, it took me a while to listen to this one becuase of the cover image of the band wearing thick framed glasses, moustaches and "ironic" clothing (that's modern day Sub Pop for you I guess. ...Is that the band? Whatever.) but I was pleasantly surprised that it's actually some really messy and catchy punk rock. What I'm trying to say is that this single is really well done and at three minutes, what do you have to lose?

1. Duck Blinds
2. Pamphlet

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion Via Social Networking

Would having Ritual Room as a Facebook friend make you uncomfortable? Or uncomfortable in a good way?

Well, finally, I've given in and made a Facebook page for this fangled website. Why? Who knows. Maybe I'll post some albums of Ritual Room on vacation wearing it's sexiest bikini. Why now? Beats me. But I guess the better question is... why not become a fan and suggest us to your friends, your mom, your grandma, or whoever else you have on there?

As ipecac would put it.... Facebook just got a lot sweatier.

Album: Lubricated Goat - "Psychedelicatessen"

Here's the second album from Australian noise wierdos Lubricated Goat titled "Psychedelicatessen". Not only is this one of my all time favorite album titles, but this album gives out some really sinister, fun and weird vibes that are too good to resist. The best description I can give for this is "Mudhoney goes to hell" and, even though I'm not usually big on remixes, the icing on the cake of this album for me is the "Stu's" remix which is way too hilarious and catchy. So give this a chance. (And give chance a piece.)

1. Stroke
2. Eternal Loser
3. New Kind of Animal
4. Give Chance A Piece
5. Lullaby
6. I Saw It
7. Stu's (remix)
8. Spoil the Atmosphere
9. Never Know What Hit You
10. You're Fading Out

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Live Recording: Melvins - 9.13.04 - Pittsburgh,Pa

it's the melvins doing what they do in front of people

and then...some guy named jello biafra shows up

1 - let it all be
2 - tipping the lion
3 - i want to hold your hand*
4 - queen
5 - bar-x-the rocking m
6 - the fool,the meddling idiot
7 - the bloated pope
8 - pigs of the roman empire
9 - the bloat
10 - night goat
11 - lovely butterfly
12 - buzzo speaks
13 - mcgruff the crime dog (w/ jello biafra)
14 - california uber alles** (w/ jello biafra)
15 - the lighter side of global terrorism (w/ jello biafra)
16 - moon over marin** (w/ jello biafra)
17 - outro

*=beatles cover
**=dead kennedys cover

DL: melvins in pittsburgh

Split EP: Electric Horsemen / Count Von Count

A little while ago I posted the monstrous self titled Electric Horsemen EP and I really can't say why I haven't posted this one until now. This is a split between Electric Horsemen and fellow sludge giants Count Von Count - this EP plows through 4 rippingly painful tracks and matter what you fancy when it comes to sludge this EP is sure to satisfy, with Count Von Count serving up a painstaking, noisy, psychedelic take on the genre and Electric Horsemen tackling some really low-end, rippingly miserable, Crowbar-esque tracks. I honestly don't understand why this hasn't recieved more credit from the heavy music community becuase it's an amazing split that will bury you alive in sludge and leave you gasping for air. (Clearly I mean this as a good thing.)

1. Pharmboss (Count Von Count)
2. Prairie Witch (Electric Horsemen)
3. David Lynch Vs. M Night Shaymalan (Count Von Count)
4. End of Age (Electric Horsemen