Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Compilation: "Sucking the 70's"

I'm all about 70's influenced heavy rock, so it was really only a matter of time before I got to this - a compilation from Small Stone records called "Sucking the 70's". This is one of my favorite compilations as you get a new generation of heavy rock bands like The Men of Porn and Five Horse Johnson covering songs by the bands who influenced them; legit rock n roll bands from the 70s like Hawkwind and The Stooges. What can I say other than you really can't go wrong with these songs and (most of) these interpretations of them. I love the idea of this compilation as it does a beautiful job of bridging the gap between 2 eras of heavy rock and therefore is a must for any fan of the genre for that reason alone (and also, of course, because it's a lot of fun to rock out to).

A second volume of Sucking the 70's was also released a year or two ago and I'll be posting that one in the next couple days since it's just as good and contains songs by artists like Dozer and VALIS. For now here's "Sucking the 70's" volume 1 for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

CD 1
1. Five Horse Johnson - Never In My Life (Mountain)
2. Throttlerod - Black Betty (Ram Jam)
3. Dixie Witch - On The Hunt (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
4. Clutch - Cross Eyed Mar (Jethro Tull)
5. The Glasspack - T.V. Eye (The Stooges)
6. The Last Vegas - Free For All (Ted Nugent)
7. Halfway To Gone - Can't You See (The Marshall Tucker Band)
8. Suplecs - Working Man (Rush)
9. Raging Slab - Travellin Band (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
10. Raging Slab - We're An American Band (Grand Funk Railroad)
11. Los Natas - Brainstorm (Hawkwind)
12. The Heads - For Madmen Only (May Blitz)
13. Lamont - Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings (ZZ Top)
14. Backdraft - Child Of Babylon (Whitesnake)
15. Black Nasa - I Don't Have To Hide (Bachman-Turner Overdrive)
16. Warped - Dog Eat Dog (AC/DC)
17. Hangnail - Bron-Yr-Stomp (Led Zeppelin)

CD 2
1. Roadsaw - Vehicle (The Ides of March)
2. Novadriver - 20th Century Boy (T. Rex)
3. Alabama Thunderpussy - Hymn 43 (Jethro Tull)
4. Disengage - Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin)
5. The Men Of Porn - Out On The Weekend (Neil Young)
6. Milligram - Rumblin' Man (Cactus)
7. Tummler - Working For MCA (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
8. Fireball Ministry - Doctor Doctor (UFO)
9. Spirit Caravan - Wicked World (Black Sabbath)
10. Lowrider - Freelance Fiend (Leaf Hound)
11. The Mushroom River Band - Walk Away (Joe Walsh)
12. Broadsword - Woman Tamer (Sir Lord Baltimore)
13. Doubleneck - Don't Blow Your Mind (Alice Cooper)
14. Lord Sterling - Black To Comm (MC5)
15. The Brought Low - Till The Next Goodbye (The Rolling Stones)
16. Scott Reeder - Don't Call Us, We'll Call You (Sugarloaf)
17. Tectonic Break - How Can You Win (Parish Hall)

18. Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned - The Pusher (Steppenwolf)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Album: Graveyard - "Graveyard"

This is "Graveyard" by Graveyard - a really well done, bluesy, psychedelic rock n roll album with a killer groove; in fact, you would think this album came straight from the glory days of the 70's if the release date wasn't 2007. I initially bought this on vinyl when it came out without hearing it first, which is something I rarely do, but I really dug the dark last supper album art and it was released on Tee Pee so I assumed it would be good. And it is. This is why Tee Pee is quickly becoming one of my favorite record labels... and who knows, maybe it would be my favorite if they wouldn't short my orders and not reply to any of my many e-mails about it. But personal beefs with the label aside, they seem to be really steadily great with their releases. (With the possible exception of the new Priestess album, but I haven't heard it yet and probably won't bother.)

Since I am now getting violently off track, here's the actual album. ...and seriously, did I mention how incredible the groove is?

1. Evil Ways
2. Thin Line
3. Lost in Confusion
4. Don't Take Us For Fools
5. Blue Soul
6. Submarine Blues
7. As the Years Pass By, the Hours Bend
8. Right Is Wrong
9. Satan's Finest

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Split: The Hidden Hand / Wooly Mammoth - "Night Letters"

Wooly Mammoth are newcomers to the heavy rock scene compared to (yet another project of Wino) the Hidden Hand, but these two bands go head to head in this split with 4 ragingly catchy songs. The Hidden Hand tracks contain some typical Wino style riffing with a bit more of a jazzy psychedelic edge, and the Wooly Mammoth tracks don't stray much from the trail blazed by the Hidden Hand as they finish the split off with a couple of insanely well done heavy rock songs. All in all this split is toe tappingly heavy and fuzzed out with a mystical touch of psychedelia.

1. Five Points (The Hidden Hand)
2. Welcome to Sunshine (The Hidden Hand)
3. The Prophet (Wooly Mammoth)
4. Mastercut + Charisma (Wooly Mammoth)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Album: The Atomic Bitchwax - "III"

Well, the catchy weekend jams here at Ritual Room continue this Saturday with the Atomic Bitchwax's third album which is (appropriately) titled "3". For those who aren't familiar with the Atomic Bitchwax, they're a ripping heavy rock band containing members from the legendary Monster Magnet. I have to comment on the fact that upon first glance this album may appear to be your stereotypical stoner rock gimmick (could it be beacuse of the image of a half dressed girl playing a pinball machine with a devil on it?) but I can assure you this is heavy rock done damn right.

The Atomic Bitchwax is a band that doesn't take themselves too seriously but still manage to produce some really intricately solid rock n' roll that is, of course, a lot of fun. This album showcases a great side of Bitchwax, throwing a twist of sarcastic anger in as they rip their way through adrenaline pumping riffs, tight-as-can-be song writing and tongue in cheek lyrics. So why waste your time with lame and gimmicky stoner rock bands? Listen to "III" and, if you must, take off some of those hot, restricting clothes and head over to your local arcade.

1. The Destroyer
2. You Oughta Know
3. You Can't Win
4. Dark Chi
5. Maybe I'm a Leo
6. Force Filed
7. Going Guido
8. The Passenger
9. If I had a Gun
10. Half as Much

Friday, March 26, 2010

Single: Sub Pop Edition #14 Dutchess and the Duke - "Side By Side / Daggers"

Finally I find some motivation to continue uploading some more of the Sub Pop singles from the singles club 3.0! The next little ditty (oh god) that I chose to post is a single by Dutchess and the Duke. This consists of some classic male/female vocal harmonies on top of ethereal guitars and folky melodies. The first track is called "Side by Side" and is fun, lightly catchy and easy to digest... and I especially enjoy the second track called "Daggers" becuase it mixes a sinister, mystical feeling into an otherwise folky pop song.

1. Side By Side
2. Daggers

Thursday, March 25, 2010

News: ATP New York 2010 Lineup Update

I'm just going to keep posting updates on the ATP New York lineup becuase i'm really, really stoked. I was hoping that more heavy/psychedelic bands would be added to the lineup and it looks like that has happened as more artists were announced today.

New additions include Tortoise, Bardo Pond, Beak> featuring Geoff Barrow of Portishead, Sleepy Sun, Avi Buffalo, Hope Sandoval, Dungen, and White Hills.

oh, and Sunn 0))) and Boris will be performing "Altar". What a nice looking lineup! Stay tuned for further updates to be posted whenever they're announced.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Demo: Ufomammut - "Satan"

Think of Black Sabbath... now imagine them getting sent to hell and ready to play their music for the people with a new demonic, other worldly vengeance and from underneath miles of earth and dirt. That's something like what Ufomammut sounds like in my (maybe slightly overactive) imagination. If this is something that intrigues you, here's their first release, a demo simply and effectively titled "Satan". This is just a taste compared to what Ufomammut's actual albums give up in terms of crushing, sludge buried, metallic heaviness but you have to keep in mind while listening to this that this is a demo. Considering this fact these songs not only deliver, they really, really deliver; opening with the absolutely sonically crushing title track "Satan" and plowing through four more songs before getting to a surprisingly Led Zeppelin-esque, chilled out finisher titled "Peace of Mind". Listen and enjoy!

1. Satan
2. Snake
3. Oscillator
4. Nowhere
5. Superjunkhead
6. Peace of Mind

DL: "Satan Demo"

Monday, March 22, 2010

Album: Entrance - "Prayer of Death"

The album I've been addicted to listening to lately is Entrance's fourth release called "Prayer of Death" which, as made obvious from the album title, deals mainly with themes of life and death. This is a brilliantly transcendent, psychedelic work which experiments with everything from middle eastern, ritualistic and tribal instrumentals to sitars and heavy riffs - the cherry on top of all this being Guy Blakeslee's perfectly adaptable vocals.

This album definitely has it's folky, catchy moments but also has a generally dark, blues-laced, haunting feel and will give you chills when you hear Blakeslee rasping out dark lyrics like "do you wish you was one of the lucky ones who could disappear alone?... like you were never here" on the track "Lost in the Dark". I'm actually kind of starting to see this album as a version of "Satori" for the 2000's, which should be reason enough to listen right there. And if you like this then make sure to check out their newest self titled release "The Entrance Band" as well.

1. Grim Reaper Blues
2. Silence on a Crowded Train
3. Requiem for Sandy Bull (RIP)
4. Valium Blues
5. Pretty Baby
6. Prayer of Death
7. Lost in the Dark
8. Never Be Afraid!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Split: Queens of the Stone Age/Beaver - The Split CD

released 1998

it is what it is

but in case you're not familiar with beaver (not that way..perv)...let's just say they're queens of the stone age...but from amsterdam

when this was pressed...the beaver songs (now that's an album i'd buy) were in reverse order...but me being the nice person i am...just went ahead and fixed that for you

you get 2 songs from each band

DL: the split cd

Album: Josh Homme - The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

released 2002

you know of josh homme...he of kyuss/queens of the stone age/backdoor "pleasures" fame

he's littered all over this blog

this was his contribution to a movie called THE DANGEROUS LIVES OF ALTAR BOYS (in case you already hadn't put that together for yourself)

5 songs
4 instrumentals

he's accompanied by fellow kyuss/qotsa member nick oliveri on bass and rage against the machine drummer brad wilk

not only should you check this album should also track the movie down

and you'll do both of those things because i told you to

have i ever steered you wrong before? yeah..suggesting that you buy underwear and a garage sale was a dumb idea...but i didn't think you'd actually do it

DL: the dangerous lives of altar boys

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Single: God Bullies - "How Low Can You Go? / Ruby (Desert Storm Mix)"

Well I've covered a decent amount of God Bullies in these pages so I don't think a long description of this is needed. (Not only that but the art on this single sums up the wierd insanity of it quite nicely.) All in all this single is a proverbial barrel-full of messy fun, the first track being a catchy, subtley sinister tune called "How Low Can You Go?" and the second being a take of Kenny Rogers' "Ruby" that only the God Bullies could dream up. This was released in 1992 by AmRep.

While I'm on the topic of the God Bullies, it seems that one of the tracks on the version of "Plastic Eye Miracle" that I uploaded is corrupted but I can't find it elsewhere. (Sorry.) Maybe someone will be kind enough to upload that bad boy and send it my way. But anyways.. Enjoy!

1. How Low Can You Go?
2. Ruby (Desert Storm Mix) (Kenny Rogers)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Split: Grand Magus / Spiritual Beggars

It seems I haven't made a post here in a couple of days but it's mostly becuase my musical exploration has been pretty limited as of late. (what I've been listening to basically consists only of Grand Magus and the previously posted Egypt demo). On that note, here's a cool Grand Magus / Spiritual Beggars split that was released on Southern Lord shortly before Grand Magus released their first album! All in all this is a pretty cool, rockin' split single although I'm not really sure how to feel about the Spiritual Beggars... It's kind of a mix of like/dislike/awe that that guy from Arch Enemy is also in a band with JB Christoffersson. JB's work with Grand Magus is obviously a lot cooler but this split actually highlights a strong side of Spiritual Beggars and a weaker side of Grand Magus. (Go figure.)

1. It's Over (Spiritual Beggars)
2. Twilight Train (Grand Magus)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Demo: Egypt - "Egypt"

These songs by Egypt were initially released as a self titled demo and have since been reissued and remastered a few different times since the band's demise in 2005, which in itself says a thing or two about how good these songs are. This is a perfect mix of spacey minimalism and powerful angst and is all tied together with a satisfying, heavy, non-stop groove. To me it always conjures up desert images - sun shining, sand blowing around, clear sky... this is probably partially becuase of the band name but also because of the atmosphere they create. This demo is extremely well done and a trip to listen to.

Unfortunately the below tracks are pretty much all Egypt ever released, but the steady rolling grooves on this demo have withstood the test of time amongst hoards of disposable bands in the same genre. This is definitely recommended for fans of Sleep, Down, Spirit Caravan, and Shrinebuilder becuase of the Wino/Sleep vibes that radiate from these songs.

1. Valley of the Kings
2. Queen of All Time (Red Giant)
3. Dirty Witch
4. Touch Ground
5. Snake Charmer (Live)

(if you're craving more from Egypt there are also a couple of unreleased tracks on their MySpace page here.)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Split: Earthless / Witch

On my way home today I was thinking about how surprisingly awesome the Volcom vinyl club is (yeah... the things I think about on a daily basis....) and what a pleasant surprise it is that they put out singles from the likes of Kandi Coded and Harvey Milk. They've put out a bunch of cool splits and since I couldn't stop at just thinking about it i'm now prompted to post this split single from Earthless and Witch. These are two psychedelic, heavy riffing bands from Tee Pee records that are so perfectly suited for a split together that if this didn't exist you would probably wonder why they didn't have one. Like most well done psychedelia these songs are cosmically dizzying and will go to your head faster than that beer your dad gave you when you were 14. Enjoy!

1. Can't Help Doin' Wrong (Witch)
2. Jull (Earthless)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Live Recording: Tomahawk - "Live in Stockholm 2002"

Remember when I uploaded that live Killdozer recording and said that they were one of a handful of bands that I enjoy listening to live recordings from? Well, Tomahawk is definitely included in that handful. (Have you seen that infamous video of Mike Patton singing through a respirator? Badass.) This is a radio bootleg from 2002 of Tomahawk live in Stockholm, which fortunately includes mostly songs from their brilliant self titled album, a handful of tracks from Mit Gas and even a Frank Sinatra cover. Enough said.

1. Jockstrap
2. 101 North
3. POP 1
4. Harelip
5. Sir Yes Sir
6. Honeymoon
7. Flashback
8. Mayday
9. God Hates A Coward
10. Laredo
11. In Every Dreamhome
12. Point And Click
13. Angel Eyes (Frank Sinatra Cover)

**I'm going to keep using megaupload for now becuase mediafire has been giving me some issues... dont hate.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Album: Dozer - "In the Tail of a Comet"

I've kind of gotten into a routine of posting catchy weekend jams here since, like most people, I'm usually pretty busy during the week and am happy to chill out with some fun music when it's done. This Friday will be no different. Here is an album that has become a big one in the stoner rock community for a reason ... "In the Tail of a Comet" by Dozer. This consists of some majorly catchy riffs, cosmically psychedelic vibes and fuzzed out vocals all buried under a mountain of muddy weight. This album was released in 2000 and is highly recommended for fans of Fu Manchu, 500 Ft Of Pipe or Kyuss and really anyone who likes excellent riffs and fuzzed out guitars..... So kick back, relax, and ride the tail of the motherfucking comet!

1. Supersoul
2. Lightyears Ahead
3. Speeder
4. Inside the Falcon
5. Riding the Machine
6. Cupola
7. Grand Dragon
8. Captain Sweetheart
9. High Roller

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Album: Bundle of Hiss - "Sessions: 1986 - 88"

For those who aren't familiar, Bundle of Hiss was Kurt Danielson (TAD) and Dan Peter's (Mudhoney) band from way back when. (The fun thing about the heavy music scene in Seattle from the late 80s/90s is that bands were constantly inbreeding and switching members... and I guess that's still happening if you look at bands like VALIS and the Gutter Twins and that "Tadgarden" incident.)

Bundle of Hiss never really released an album and "Sessions: 1986 - 88" is a compilation of their master tapes that were remastered - actually this is, regrettably, their entire available discography. I recently contacted Kurt Danielson to ask about the availability of some live recordings or anything else really that may be available from Bundle of Hiss and was told that they do exist but nobody in the band has a copy. If i ever get my hands on anything else of theirs I will post it immediatly, but for now here's "Sessions: 1986 - 88".

1. Swamp
2. Sleep No More
3. Amphetamine
4. White
5. Drown
6. What Dreams May Come
7. Rabies
8. Strobe
9. 12 Gauge
10. Hank n Doris
11. Fire Place
12. Ash Wednesday
13. Metamorphosis / After Image
14. Push
15. Apostasy

Also, I just feel like I should say something about the elephant in "the room" aka the below pictures. All i have to say is enjoy them ... and now you won't be able to look at Buzzo or Kim Thayil the same way again. It's all in a day's work. That is all.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

News: New Melvins Album Title, Album Art & Release Date + Isis Split

The new Melvins album is titled "The Bride Screamed Murder" and will be released this June 1st through Ipecac (the same day they kick off their tour.) The album art was just revealed and is posted above. This will apparantly be very different from the past Melvins/Big Business albums and so i'm super curious to hear what this will be like! I feel like this lineup hasn't reached their full potential yet and am expecting something great.

Also, as if that wasn't enough good news, a Melvins/Isis split is also set to be released sometime this year. We'll see what develops with that one... for now you can impatiently wait for the new album and hopefully catch one of their tour dates this summer.

Live Recording: Killdozer - "The Last Waltz"

"I'm taking off my tie becuase its casual day, dress down day, here at the office..."

This is "The Last Waltz", which is a live recording from Killdozer's (supposed) last show in 1996. I recieved this bad boy on red vinyl in the mail today and now am more than happy to share becuase Killdozer is one of a handful of bands that I actually love listening to live recordings from. This is a great quality recording and you get all the gritty, catchy, heaviness of this band, the brilliantly hilarious lyrics and the comedy of Michael Gerald all wrapped up in a nice little package. So sit back, relax and enjoy the live Killdozer experience.

1. Porky's Dad
2. The Nobbies
3. Man of Meat
4. I've Seen Grown Men Cry
5. A Mother's Road
6. Space: 1999
7. Richard
8. An Xmas Song
9. Knuckles the Dog
10. Cannonball Run III '97
11. Mama's Boy
12. Way Down in Old Alabama
13. Song For Grand Forks

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Album: Night Horse - "The Dark Won't Hide You"

This is Night Horse's debut album from 2008 called "The Dark Won't Hide You". I was absolutely obsessed with this album when I discovered it a last year and still am really into it. Night Horse is just one of a bunch of bands coming out of Tee Pee records that seems to embody the non-stop, psychedelic, blues-laced sound of 70's rock n' roll oh so well. This album is just a catchy, dirty, furiously rocking good time and since it's a Saturday evening you should give it a play while doing something fun. (And if you really want to play into the 70's rock spirit you can put on an all denim ensemble and listen to it while doing hard drugs in the back of a VW van or something.)

Oh, and even though the name Night Horse perfectly suits the steady rolling, dark spirit of this band really well their original name was actually "The Motherfucking Razorbacks," as coined by Lemmy... and come on, can you really get anymore rock n roll than that? Well maybe only if you combine it with the above VW van scenario.

1. Don't Need Your Lovin'
2. The Dark Won't Hide You
3. Wicked Love
4. Shine on Me
5. Worried Life Blues
6. For You (Greg's Lament)
7. Heart and Soul (Bonus Track)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Split: Nirvana/Melvins

released 1991

this is 7" of nirvana and the melvins covering songs by the velvet undergound

nirvana tackles "here she comes now"
the melvins tackle "venus in furs"

DL: nirvana/melvins split

Demo: Mr Bungle - Disco Volante Demos

released 1994

everyone knows who mr. bungle were


this is the soundtrack to an erotic nightmare

DL: disco volante demos

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Single: Kyuss - "One Inch Man"

Here's a cool single from the desert rock kings, Kyuss. This was released in 1995 and contains the song "One Inch Man" from the album "....And The Circus Leaves Town" as well as some b-sides that are definitely worth checking out. These tracks simply ooze the sleaze ridden, riff-tastic Kyuss sound that we all know and love. Seriously... I can't stress how worth checking out this is enough. (But I'm sure I don't need to tell you that.) Listen and enjoy!

1. One Inch Man
2. Flip the Phase
3. Mudfly
4. A Day Early And A Dollar Extra

Monday, March 1, 2010

News: Soundgarden "Hunted Down / Nothing To Say" Single Reissue + Live Recording

For those of you who haven't signed up for the Soundgarden mailing list, here are a couple of updates on the reunion:

First and mainly, the "Hunted Down / Nothing To Say" Sub Pop debut single will be reissued on limited edition orange vinyl and will be released at select independent record stores on April 17th! Check here for a list of participating stores. This is the reissue to end all reissues for me and I'm going to find a way to track it down for sure.

Also, a live version of "Spoonman" from a 1996 show in San Diego was sent to the mailing list so I uploaded it for anyone that may want to listen. Enjoy!

Single: Sub Pop Edition #13: Love Battery - "Foot / Mr Soul"

Okay... I promise after this I'll start uploading the newest Sub Pop singles again. I just had to post this as Steve sent this over along with the Gary Lee Conner one I recently posted and both are really awesome and hard to come by.

I'm going to have to keep this short as I spilled coffee all over the place while typing the above paragraph (guess I got a little too stoked on this single) and so here are the basics: this single is by Love Battery and was released in 1991 - the first song called "Foot" is really upbeat and catchy yet relaxed. The b-side, "Mr. Soul," is a more psychedelic but equally rockin' version of the Neil Young song. So go ahead and enjoy this while I attempt to remove coffee stains from my furniture.

1. Foot
2. Mr Soul