Friday, August 27, 2010

EP: Queen Elephantine - "Yatra"

Hopefully you've heard the mindbending Queen Elephantine release "Kailash" by now, but reguardless if you have or if you haven't here is an EP that was released a free e-release while "Kailash" was being worked on called "Yatra". The first track on this release, "Droning Earth", previously appeared on the Droning Earth Vol. 7 compilation and is a 20 minute epic of droning psychedelia, fuzzed out guitars and trance enducing riffs. And as if all that wasn't enough, then the second, previously unreleased track called "Chariot of Solemn Procession" really gets down to business with absolutely mindblowing, dark, tribal, Ufomammut-esque vibes combined with meditative chants and a mammoth backbone. Brilliant band.

1. Droning Earth
2. Chariot of Solemn Procession

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Demo: Throne of the Void in the Hundred Petal Lotus

This one was actually a submission by no other than the man behind Concrete Lo-Fi Records and mastermind in Queen Elephantine, Indy. This is a self titled demo from his new Rhode Island based project called Throne of the Void in the Hundred Petal Lotus which is some really low-end, tribal, groovy and eerie heavy psych. You can hear hints of many different bands in this unique demo including Ufomammut, Om, Naam, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth and, of course, Queen Elephantine as it takes you on a slow, mind melting 16 minute journey through fuzzed out riffs, meditative chanting, tribal drum beats and haunting whispers.

Obviously I didn't really have to think twice about posting this after hearing how incredible it sounds (and combining that with an already raging Queen Elephantine obsession). I've already seen this posted on a few other music blogs here and there but I'm thinking this should be as widespread news as possible so download this demo, check out their myspace, and book them for some shows as they are looking to play!

DL: "Throne of the Void in the Hundred Petal Lotus Demo"

Album: Walls - "S/T"

I can only ever think of a handful of bands that I would describe as truly unique, and Walls from Seattle are usually one of them. I hear Black Flag, Rorschach, Neurosis, and a bunch of noise rock that I can't really comment on. Pounding rhythms, dissonant riffs, and a terrifying vocalist all come together to create something really brutal and powerful. Drown yourself in loathing and negativity. It looks like Painkiller still has copies, so pick one up while you're at it. I'll try and get a better rip at some point too.

1. The Crawl
2. Calming Down
3. Just Pain
4. What I want
5. In The End
6. Same Guy, Same Story
7. Walls
8. Secret Rape
9. Consumed By Failure
10. Corpse

DL: "Walls"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Album: Disappearer - "The Clearing"

Forming from the ashes of There Were Wires and featuring a current member of Doomriders, I like this a whole lot more than both those bands. Disappearer started off as a pretty competent instrumental band not unlike Pelican, but on their first full-length they kicked it up to the next level with the addition of vocals and a whole lot of rocking. Even though the band is still firmly rooted within the atmospheric sludge genre, they just feel really fresh. Theres definitely a lot more of a focus on rocking and huge riffs than meandering around with build-ups.

Goddamn, this band really knows how to write a song though. Everything flows seemlessly, melody weaves around perfectly, and the riffs are just so catchy and memorable that I had to do a double-take when I realised that “Etched,” “Obsidian,” and “Vein Harvest" don't even have vocals. Everything sounds HUGE and crystal clear thanks to producer Kurt Ballou as well. For real. This was one of my favorite things to come out last year and it was stuck in my head for days after I heard it. Check it out here and order from the always excellent Magic Bullet.

1. A Skull Full of Bats
2. Dissolve
3. Villainous Moon
4. Etched
5. Glassland
6. Obsidian
7. Nausea
8. Nine Hearts
9. Vein Harvest
10. The Clearing

DL: "The Clearing"

Saturday, August 21, 2010

EP: The Austerity Program - "Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn"

Here's an EP by noise/metal masterminds The Austerity Program. This EP is called "Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn" and is a mind blowing and thought provoking work which achieves a sound that is calculatingly metallic, industrial tinged and aggressive yet minimalist when it needs to be. There is a pretty obvious Big Black influence here (the Albini-esque vocals!) and you'll also hear some hints of the Jesus Lizard as well as a heaviness that's all their own. What else can I say other than that it's really refreshing to see that quality stuff in this field is still being released.

1. Song 25
2. Song 26
3. Song 27
4. Song 29

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Demo: Torche

Here's an all intrumental demo from Florida sludge-rockers Torche. This was the first thing ever released by the band and is all in all some really experimental, intricate, innovative stuff and the most interesting all instrumental piece I've heard in a while. Not only that... but considering the fact that this is a demo it doesn't only rock, it really, really rocks.

And, not to state the obvious, but if you're a fan of Floor you get some members from that (Juan Montoya... also of Cavity) so you can obviously expect something cool. Expect mind melting leads, crushing riffs and everything from hypnotically catchy to mind crushingly heavy tracks. You just can't go wrong.

1. Intro
2. Joke
3. Rocket Fuck
4. Charge Of The Brown Recluse
5. Splat
6. Mentor
7. Ass Smasher
8. Stoner 1
9. Fire
10. Bomb 2
11. Stoner 2

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

EP: Tad - "Jack Pepsi"

I think I've posted enough Tad material by now that I shouldn't have to explain the primal, heavy assault you're in for with this stuff. Here's the long out of print "Jack Pepsi" EP which features a couple of songs you may not have heard before if this one's gone under your radar (like it did mine for years). And yes... this is the EP that got Tad a lawsuit from Pepsi becuase of the inital cover art they used. Enjoy!

1. Jack Pepsi
2. Stumblin' Man
3. Pig Iron
4. Eddie Hook

Album: Moss - "Sub Templum"

While we're in the territory, I couldn't help but post this. If you haven't heard it yet, well, where have you been??? If Monarch are one of the best bands playing this style of doom metal, Moss are simply the best. Everything I wrote below in my previous post applies here, but tenfold. The riffs are absolutely fucking massive, with distortion so dense that it's basically impossible not to feel crushed while listening to it. Recorded by Jus Osborne (Electric Wizard), this is one of the few recordings that I actually get some understanding of just how fucking loud the band is playing while I'm listening to it. This is definitely a close contender for heaviest record. If you like your metal to sound like a shifting tectonic plate, do not pass this up. Enter the abyss of filth and despair. Purchase from Rise Above.

"Sub Templum is underground worship. A dirge mass for the hidden spaces, for the altars untouched by man, for the foul cultures spawned and praised in long-petrified canyons. An esoteric system alive to the reality of its own futility, a process of spiritual trauma in four stages."

1. Ritus
2. Subterraen
3. Dragged To The Roots
4. Gate III: Devils From The Outer Dark

DL: "Sub Templum"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Album: Monarch - "Dead Men Tell No Tales"

I think that Monarch are one of the better bands exploring the more extreme, uuuuuuuultra sloooooow, low-end of doom metal these days. This release compiles two of their previous vinyl-only releases, "Speak of the Sea" and "Die Tonight". Despite how slow-moving this is (and I mean seriously slow) I never find myself getting bored, as theres enough atmosphere created to keep me interested and vibing. Everything is drenched with reverb, there's lots of feedback, all the instruments pack a punch, all in all creating a satisfyingly miserable listening experience. Fans of Khanate, Corrupted, early Earth, and Grief will likely enjoy this. The singer also does that adorable artwork, which I can't really say no to. Neither should you.

Disc 1:
1. We Are The Music Makers (Long Version)
2. Speak of the Devil, Speak of the Sea
3. Dead Men Tell No Tales (Spoken Version)
Disc 2:
1. Winter Bride
2. Swan Song

DL: "Dead Men Tell No Tales"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

EP: Cat Butt - "Journey To The Center Of..."

Here's the incredible "Journey To The Center Of..." EP by Seattle band Cat Butt. This is actually the only thing they ever released besides a single and some appearances on compilations which is a shame considering what an important band they turned out to be and how perfectly this EP embodies the grimey Seattle sound. Messy, rocking, and frantic as hell - this EP will not only bury you in filth and piss, it'll kick you a few times while you're down there and you'll still want to rock out. This was released in 1989 on (of course) Sub Pop, and if you like bands like Mudhoney, Blood Circus or Girl Trouble you will definitely dig the hell out of this.

1. Maximo
2. Freebase
3. 3 Eyes
4. Born Loser
5. Sedgwick
6. Zombie

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Album: Love 666 - "Please Kill Yourself So I Can Rock"

Here's an awesome Amphetamine Reptile release by Love 666 with the best album title I've heard in a while. "Please Kill Yourself So I Can Rock" embodies the rocking grit you'd expect from an AmRep release along with an impossibly cool attitude that's reminiscent of the Jesus and Mary Chain, not to mention a laid back groove that's all their own. Feel the apathy.

1. Bummer
2. D.S.A
3. Brag
4. Ball & Chain
5. Reality
6. Life
7. Big Tower of White Noise
8. D Rock Out

Monday, August 9, 2010

News: Premiere of Soundgarden Track "Black Rain"

The recently reunited Soundgarden just premiered a new (old?) track called "Black Rain" from the Badmotorfinger-era sessions. This track was dug up by the band and reworked a bit, and apparantly Chris Cornell added new vocals in parts, etc.

Yes... this is the track that will appear on Guitar Hero. Yes... this is also the track that will appear on their new "greatest hits" album. But negative connotations aside, this is a really cool track (you can basically just expect something from Badmotorfinger) and the link below also includes a video of their Lollapalooza performance and some audio of the band talking about the reunion.

Album: Deadbird - "Twilight Ritual"

Deadbird are a band from Fayetteville, Arkansas who feature members of Rwake, Benoint, and Deadeyejack. Funnily enough, this album strikes much more of a chord with me than those other bands. I've been hitting it pretty hard lately. It basically makes me think of what would happen if Crowbar decided to draw out their songs a bit more and focus on a linear, progressive song structure rather than the verse/chorus structure they usually stick to. Which means: Expect a lot of really great sludge riffs which can go from heavy as fuck, into that soul-crushing meolody and back again with ease. The vocalist even reminds me of Kirk Windstein quite a lot, which is no easy feat. If you're into sludge at all, you're bound to enjoy this. Reccomended. Purchase here from At A Loss records.

1. Into The Clearing
2. Death Of The Self
3. Rule Discordia
4. Feral Flame
5. The Riverbed
6. Twilight Ritual

DL: "Twilight Ritual"

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Album: Gozu - "Locust Season"

Here's an album that has been on heavy rotation for me lately - the incredible latest effort from Gozu called "Locust Season". This 9 track rager was recently released on Small Stone records, and if you aren't familiar with this band you can really just expect some innovative, rifftastic rock n roll with a heavy Queens of the Stone Age vibe. All in all this is just a really fun album with a dark edge. So listen, enjoy, and for god sake's.... support Small Stone! (You can order "Locust Season" here, as well as some nice Gozu merch and that mammoth Black Sleep of Kali release. Just saying.)

1. Meth Cowboy
2. Mr. Riddle
3. Regal Beagle
4. Kam Fong and Chin Ho
5. Jan-Michael Vincent
6. Jamacian Luau
7. Rise Up
8. Meat Charger
9. Alone

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Compilation: Welcome Back to MeteorCity

I was really happy to recieve the "Welcome Back to MeteorCity" compilation as a gift with my last All That is Heavy order - a recently released sampler from the MeteorCity label which is the house record label of That is Heavy. (you know you order too much vinyl when you recieve a free gift with your order along with a note saying "thanks for all your business over the years", but I guess it's nice to be appreciated!).

For those of you who aren't familiar with the now legendary first MeteorCity sampler, here's what had to say about it: "MeteorCity “Mach 1” released debut albums and/or very early recordings by Unida, Nebula, Dozer, The Atomic Bitchwax, The Hidden Hand, Goatsnake, Eternal Elysium, Spirit Caravan, Solace and many, many others! MeteorCity “Mach 2” has, in their first three years, released debut and/or new albums by heavy-hitters such as Black Pyramid, Snail, Nightstalker, Elder, Farflung, Flood, Freedom Hawk, SardoniS, Village of Dead Roads and Let the Night Roar, amongst many others."

This is a fantastic compilation and a great way to discover new tunes since delving into the material released by MeteorCity can be a little daunting, but after getting into it there is a huge spectrum of amazing heavy bands to discover and I can confidently say you will come out of this with one, two, three... or maybe a huge list of bands to check out further.

So you'll have to excuse me... I have a new record label to be obsessed with.

1.Mental Models (Snail)
2.Visions of Gehenna (Black Pyramid)
3.Endless Drifting Wrecks (Farflung)
4.I am the Raptor (Leeches of Lore)
5.All Costs (Let the Night Roar)
6.Chemical Restraint (Village of Dead Roads)
7.White Walls (Elder)
8.Today (Dead Man)
9.Running Out (Valkyrie)
10.Universal (Freedom Hawk)
11.Enough is Not Enough (Nightstalker)
12.Tears of the Moon (Eighteen Wheels Burning)
13.Pursuit of Yeti (New Keepers of the Water Towers)

14.A Tiempo (Humo del Cairo)
15.Gitanoss (Ararat)
16.Nero D'avola (SardoniS)
17.The Return of Phoenix (WhiteBuzz)
18.Queen of All Time (Red Giant) (Egypt)
19.Atlantis (Flood)
20.March Toward Your Doom (Crushed Skulls)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

EP: Screaming Trees - "Change Has Come"

Here's really important (and hard to come by) Screaming Trees EP that was released on Sub Pop before they became a major label band. This EP is titled "Change Has Come" and embodies everything there is to love about the Screaming Trees. I mean, is there anything I can say about this band that I haven't said before? And are my huge amounts of Screaming Trees related posts getting old? ...Will I ever be able to stop?

1. Change Has Come
2. Days
3. Flashes
4. Time Speaks Her Golden Tongue
5. I've Seen You Before

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Compilation: Queens Of The Stone Age For Beginners

over on my blogs...i'd been making compilations of bands that folks should already know about

it started with slayer

then came led zeppelin

and then nirvana

and then the jesus lizard

so i figured this would be the best place to unleash the queens of the stone age version

and i recommend that you snag this up...even if you already have these songs...because if you don't...josh homme and i will show up at your house...and he'll do things to you in front of your friends...and i'll videotape it...and you'll never be able to live it down

1 - how to handle a rope
2 - leg of lamb
3 - everybody knows that you're insane
4 - a song for the dead
5 - avon
6 - quick and to the pointless
7 - infinity
8 - turning on the screw
9 - ode to clarissa
10 - make it wit chu

DL: queens of the stone age for beginners

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Compilation: "Falling Down II"

We got an e-mail the other day asking us to talk about and promote this project which was too cool to pass up, so here you go! Falling Down is a compilation being self-released by a couple of French students who have put together a pretty diverse line-up of some well-established artists, along with many that you may not have heard yet. The focus here is largely on European bands from all over, so this is probably a great way to check out new music you may or may not have been aware of. It really succeeds at creating a sense of an international community dedicated to creativity and sound, and shows just how universal heavy music is. And the best part is that 90% of the tracks here are previously unreleased. You may come for that rarity from one of your favorite bands, but you'll stay for all the rest of the great music to check out.

So, onto the music? While the main focus is definitely on dark, heavy sludge, there's such a wide variety of sounds covered here that anyone who reads this blog is bound to find something they enjoy. You'll find anything from sludge, doom, drone, psych. rock, post-rock, hardcore, and even grind. Even with so many different sounds, the main atmosphere of the comp stays relatively similar, which is quite impressive. You can tell that a lot of thought and love went into putting it together. Don't listen to me though, give this a listen and see for yourself.

If you like what you hear, head over to the Falling Down myspace to order yourself a copy. They're limited to 1000, and contain largely unreleased tracks, so this shouldn't be a hard decision on your part. Support independant music.

ACROSS TUNDRAS - Final Breath Over Venom Falls (Unpublished version)
ICOS [now MONACHUS] - Februari (Unpublished)
WHITE HILLS - Heads on Fire (Unpublished)
OCOAI - La Main Electrique (Unpublished)
FARFLUNG - R-Complex (Unpublished)
IMPURE WILHELMINA - Cold Fever (Unpublished)
TIME TO BURN - Elena Djinn (Unpublished)
GNAW THEIR TONGUES - We Breath Hate and Spit Fire from our Mouths (Unpublished)
THE POISONED GLASS - Silent Vigil (Unpublished)
[with Stuart Dahlquist (Asva, Sunn O))), Burning Witch) & Edgy59 (Burning Witch)]
KALVRIA - .N (Unpublished)
U.S.CHRISTMAS - Lazarus (Live)
KINGDOM - Ruina.Where men go to die (Unpublished)
KALKH-IN(JOY) ERODE - Xwck (Unpublished)

CD 2
KONGH - Thunders Collide (Unpublished, 2006)
TESA - Untitled (Unpublished)
OMEGA MASSIF – Am Abgrund (Unpublished)
KODIAK – By the Sea (Unpublished)
WHEN ICARUS FALLS - Nyx (Unpublished)
THE OCEAN - Asslickers Incorporated (Unpublished)
KEHLVIN - Who by Fire (Cover)
JUCIFER - Marianas (Unpublished)
UFOMAMMUT - Astrodronaut (Unpublished version)
GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT - Shining Trough
СОЛЯРИС - Mirage (Unpublished)
TAINT - Black Rain (Live)
MUMAKIL – Dawn of Slugs (Unpublished)

DL: "Falling Down II CD1"
DL: "Falling Down II CD2"

Monday, August 2, 2010

Album: Ancestors - "Neptune With Fire"

Here is an utterly hypnotizing and very enticing release by heavy-psych masterminds, Ancestors. This album is called "Neptune With Fire" and only consists of 2 tracks and yet clocks in at a little under 40 minutes. The first track is titled "Orcus' Avarice" and will definitely take you on a psychedelic journey through spaced out atmospheres and mind melting guitar leads. ...And then there's the second, title track. To do justice to "Neptune with Fire" is admittedly a bit trying since it is an experimental masterpiece (not to build it up too much, but seriously) that seamlessly hits so many ends of the heavy music spectrum in one song that it seems like it should be impossible. What else can I say? This is a band that really knows how to grab your attention with a massive sound and gradually edge it down into an entrancing, minimalist one. Listen and you will understand. (Oh yeah, and the cherry on top of this album is the mindblowing Arik Roper artwork.)

1. Orcus' Avarice
2. Neptune With Fire

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Album: Brainoil - "S/T"

Since I was going to end up posting this eventually, I'm just going to do it now. I also got a chance to see the Oakland, California band Brainoil last night, who were definitey in the tone zone as well. It was really evident that these dudes just absolutely need to rock, and that is a sentiment that I can get behind. This album came out in 2003 on the excellent lifeisabuse which actually has a few copies left. I really enjoy the fact that it's only 20 minutes long, and it just rips the entire time. It is definitely for fans of the following: sludge, Eyehategod, thick and catchy down-tuned riffs, RIFFS, rocking, people who like to ride the groove train, etc. etc. Enjoy. Enjoy this shitty picture I took as well. Hopefully they become more active again.

1. Dark Eyes of My Past
2. Naive In A Bliss

3. Wielding Strength
4. Complete?/ Lucid Vision
5. One Leaf Untouched

6. Inquisition
7. Support In Numbers

DL: "Brainoil"

Album: Samothrace - "Life's Trade"

Samothrace were initially from Lawrence, Kansas, and have now relocated to Seattle, Washington which is good news for those in the area. Their debut record Life's Trade was released in 2008, and being as it's been a little while now I don't feel so bad about posting it. I believe 20 Buck Spin still has some copies available though, so do both yourself and them a favor and purchase this. After missing their set on a few occaisions over the last couple years, I finally got a chance to see them last night, and GOD DAMN. Ancient tone. Seriously fucking heavy.

Samothrace play really soulful, textured and crushing doom metal. It's often quite melodic, and really well structured, which translates really well live. Songs take their time to build, then crush you. And just when you think they can't get any heavier, they pull it off. I really enjoy the mid-western feeling leads they play too, which are really expressive, and well placed. The vocalist also has a really great range, from deep bellows, to higher-pitched shrieking. Honestly, this is just really great, and moving music. It stands out quite a bit from most doom metal coming out these days. Go see them if you get a chance. In the meantime, download, and then buy this record.

1. La Llorna
2. Awkward Hearts
3. Cacaphony
4. Cruel Awake

DL: "Life's Trade"