Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wishbone Cracky Good Luck Charm

Hi, my name is Cara. I spend lots of time and money on the music i love, which happens to be everything heavy, primal, noisy, wierd, sludgy, deliciously crushing and psychedelic. Does this interest you too? If so, here is my blog in which i'll share some different tidbits of music related news, album uploads, reviews etc. If it doesn't interest you, maybe you will change your mind. If not, maybe you're outta luck. Thanks for stopping by, this is a very new blog but i hope to update often - please share any suggestions you may have.

For now i will leave you with a song by one of the most dirty, gritty, great bands to come out of the 80s Seattle music scene.. the U-Men!

This song is called "Bad Little Woman" from the Amphetamine Reptile "Dope Guns & Fucking in the Streets" compilation Volume 1.



1 comment:

  1. Great blog, I love all the bands,...

    Early soundgarden is the best, the track is nothing to say,..., I like ultramega ok the most, I got a necklace from it somewhere,...

    I collect grunge vinyl, but I don't know anymore why I collect it,..., I'm in a midlife crisis and I'm just 20 years

    Cheers, send me some of your music