Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Album: Absum - "Purgatoire 2007 - 2009"

I had some thoughts about not posting this, but fuck it.

Picture the raw, buzzing, hypnotic quality of lo-fi black metal. Now, instead of playing it on the peaks of a frostbitten mountain, take it down far below sea-level, buried deep within a forgotten cavern. Let the sound echo through the void. It would sound something like this tape. Really raw and captivating blackened funeral doom that radiates an IMMENSE amount of power. HIGHLY, highly reccomended but certainly not for everyone. (not my rip.)

Download: "Absum - Purgatoire"


  1. Looks like this shit's probably all sold out soon anyway (and that's with 300 copies -1st and 2nd press).

  2. where is the link?