Monday, February 7, 2011

Album: The Cows - "Sorry In Pig Minor"

Happy Monday everyone - here's "Sorry In Pig Minor" by the Cows. This is an eclectic and ingenious album that was produced by none other than King Buzzo. (Who?). SIPM was their 9th and final album and continues to be a favorite of mine because of the weird, fun vibes and how accessibly wacky it is. Perfect music to start your week off.... am I right or am I right?

1. Cabin Man
2. Finished Again
3. No, I'm Not Coming Out
4. Dear Dad
5. Eurekal Funday!
6. Death in the Tall Weeds
7. El Shiksa
8. Life After Beth
9. Saliva of the Fittest
10. Felon of Troy
11. Say Uncle

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  1. Hello sir, the link was deleted, can you re-upload again ?

    I hope you can .

    Best Regards.