Sunday, February 20, 2011

Album: Hater - "Hater"

I love this project and can't uptalk it enough - this is Hater's self titled release from 1993. Yeah, you get the Seattle superstar lineup (2 members of Soundgarden are involved), but don't expect Temple of the Dog! Expect really innovative and catchy alt rock. So enjoy... I know you will.

1. Mona Bone Jakon
2. Who Do I Kill?
3. Tot Finder
4. Lion And Lamb
5. Roadside
6. Down Undershoe
7. Circles
8. Putrid
9. Blistered
10. Sad McBain

DL: "Hater S/T"


  1. Ben Shepherd, Matt Cameron, and John McBain! Pure genius!

  2. better than most soundgarden!