Thursday, September 17, 2009

Album: Skin Yard - "Start at the Top" 2002

I realised today that I titled this blog as a tribute to Skin Yard and still haven't posted any of their material. I couldn't really think of anything better to post then this 2002 release called "Start at the Top" which contains a lot of rare, previously unreleased and remastered stuff. All of these tracks are top notch in terms of production and sound quality, and has some of my favorite Skin Yard songs like "Watch". This CD was limited to 700 copies - i'm not sure if they're still available as I purchased mine a while back. Even so, you need to hear this.
2002, C/Z
1. Start at the Top
2. Watch
3. Jump the Wall (Gentle Collapse)
4. Machine Gun Etiquette
5. Twelve Points
6. Make Room
7. Snowblind
8. Bulldog (Alternate Version)
9. This Lonely Place
11. The Ha-Ha
12. No Right

**edit: the band (understandably) didn't want to entire album available for free, however here's the new link containing the first 4 tracks:


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  3. In the spirit of rare and hard to find tracks, this was recently posted on YouTube: