Monday, September 21, 2009

Ritual Room Compilation Edition #1

I usually try to go for music that's in its complete form (as in on an album, a single, EP, etc.) although i really enjoy making mix CDs and like the idea of posting some good mixes of music here whenever i feel the inspiration to do so. Its a good way of discovering music without committing to a whole album.

Feel free to submit ones that you've made to me as well.

For this edition I chose mostly energetic, catchy alt-rock kind of stuff to pick Monday afternoon up a bit.

1. Gas Huffer - Before I Kill Again
2. Hank III - 7 Months, 39 Days
3. God Bullies - I Want to Kill You
4. Bundle of Hiss - Amphetamine
5. The Walkabouts - Glad Nation's Death Song
6. Truly - Public Access Girls
7. Hater - Try
8. Blood Circus - Part of the Crowd
9. Butthole Surfers - Creep in the Cellar
10. Dead Moon - One Way Ticket
11. Big Black - Kerosene
12. Mugison - Two Thumb Sucking Son of a Boyo
13. The Jesus Lizard - A Tale of Two Women

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  1. hey Cara! awsome blog! sounds pretty informed and up to date!
    i'd definitely take this site into account when looking for this genre of music! : )

    keep it going : )