Monday, January 31, 2011

Album: Clutch - The Elephant Riders

now i couldn't very well just mention clutch and not post anything by them (and in case you're wondering where they've been mentioned...just take a peek down yonder)

i hope that clutch doesn't really need any sort of explanation as to what they're all about,yeah?

one thing i've noticed about the clutch discography is that each album somehow leads into the one after it

"what are you talking about,sir? are you on something?"

what i meant by that was...take this album for combines the punk energy from TRANSNATIONAL SPEEDWAY LEAGUE with the rawk of SELF-TITLED

and this leads into the JAM ROOM album where they completely head off into the meat and potatoes territory

still confused?

well...i can't seem to make it any clearer than that

just do yourself a favor and snag this up

DL: the elephant riders

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