Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feature: Queens Of The Stone Age Playing SELF-TITLED In It's Entirety

there may be some of you out there that aren't currently aware that the band is currently on tour and are playing their 1998 SELF-TITLED album in it's entirety (in case you haven't already put that together for yourselves)

also...the album is set to get re-released on the 7th of this very month...and to add to all of that...there are some tracks that the band contributed to a split they did with a band called beaver (go on...get the giggles out of the way...we'll wait...) that was released back in 1998...and a song they contributed to a split they did with kyuss that was released back in 1997

and no...i'm not going to give you the titles of those'll just have to buy it for yourself to find out (or you could just use this thing i just recently came to find out about called google...apparently it comes in pretty handy)

and if you'd like to see the band play their SELF-TITLED album in it's entirety...go here to find out when and where

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