Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Album: Elf - "Elf"

As much as I love Dio (RIP) and 70's rock, Elf's self titled release from 1972 is is a fairly recent discovery for me. But god this is a fun release and definitely among the cream of the crop for the era. Definitely expect CCR or even Queen more than Rainbow or Black Sabbath - bluesy guitar licks, pianos and some really solid songwriting and feel good music that you can't go wrong with. I'll be jamming this one on repeat this summer.

1. Hoochie Koochie Lady
2. First Avenue
3. Never More
4. I'm coming Back for You
5. Sit down Honey (Everything Will Be Alright)
6. Dixie Lee Junction
7. Love Me Like a Woman
8. Gambler,Gambler

DL: Elf - "Elf"


  1. there's a guy that lives under a bridge near where i live...and he's always bugging me by saying "hey man...give me a dollar because i was on an album cover,maaaaan" anytime i walk over the bridge

    i think i'll give him that dollar