Friday, April 22, 2011

Album: Tinsel Teeth - Pink Eye

if you ever go to see these folks from providence,ri do what they do live...3 things will happen:

1: you'll get your ass kicked by some sweet noise

2: you'll more than likely see a pair of bare breasts covered in some sort of fluid (no...not that kind...but i wouldn't put anything past frontwoman stephanie)

3: you'll more than likely see a strap-on covered in some sort of fluid (again...courtesy of stephanie)

music-wise....the band has a lot in common with the jesus lizard and pissed jeans

DL: pink eye


  1. I can dig the fluids and stuff, but the Eddy Vedder (there's an "R" stuck in my mouth)
    yarling is too much for me. Like the music tho....

  2. like their music a lot.and stephanie has what it takes to do the kinda of act she choose... they got a interview somewhere that's a work of art fluids you mean sweat?