Saturday, April 2, 2011

Single: Sub Pop Edition #29 Dead Moon - "Dirty Noise / Dark Deception"

Dead Moon somehow always managed to produce some of the catchiest and dirtiest sounding rock music, even on a label that prides itself (or used to...) on dirty sounding music. Here's a single that was released in '93 for the singles club containing 2 tracks that manage to be both ominous and fun.

1. Dirty Noise
2. Dark Deception

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these sub pop singles. Would you happen to have the following?
    Das Damen – Sad Mile/Making Time
    SF Seals – Nowherica/Being Created
    Severin – (Beagles! Beagles) Waste Of Time/Powerplay
    Snow Bud And The Flower People - Killer Bud/Third Shelf
    Pigface – Empathy/Steamroller
    Lou Barlow – I Am Not Mocking You

    I've tried posting this comment using my blogger id but can't for some reason.