Monday, April 18, 2011

Live Recording: Stiff Woodies - Live KAOS Session

this was a short lived band that involved folks that were in some other bands

bands with names like: melvins...mudhoney...nirvana

but on this particular recording (which was a little something they played on the radio back in 1986)...the members were krist novoselic on osbourne on bass...and kurt cobain on the drums (and i'm hoping that i don't need to tell you which bands they came from)

they didn't have a set random members would just sing on random songs

1 - sin city* (no one really knows who sang on this's rumored to be either matt lukin or dale crover)

2 - breakdance boogie (krist novoselic on vocals)

3 - loose** (buzz osbourne on vocals)

4 - c'mon and love me*** (buzz osbourne on vocals)

*=ac/dc cover
**=the stooges cover
***=kiss cover

DL: stiff woodies


  1. Loose is a cover of a song by the Stooges.

  2. I had no idea this band ever existed, not a bad little demo for collectors.