Saturday, August 1, 2009

Album: Big Business - "Mind the Drift" (2009)

Well.. this isn't exactly breaking news, but I have an insane amount of music to go through and it took me too long to get on the newest Big Business. Nonetheless this album is still relatively new and is a very interesting mix of heaviness, intricate instrument work and an all around catchy good time! Big Business seems to just get better and better - I'm really impressed with this album. Its not often that you find a band that balances groove and heaviness so nicely. Standout tracks on this album for me are "Cats, Mice" and "Cold Lunch". The album art is great as well.

2009, Hydra Head

1. Found Art
2. Gold and Final
3. Cats, Mice
4. I Got it Online
5. The Drift
7. Cold Lunch
8. Theme From Big Business iii
9. Cold Lunch (bonus track)
10. The Drift (bonus track)
11. Send Me a Postcard

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