Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Attention heavy music enthusiasts:

I have no problem going on a good old music related rant now and again, but am now looking to recieve some articles from you! Whether its an informative article, a rant, rave or you just want to give your 2 cents about something. You can write about the legitimacy of a genre, reflect on what got you into it in the first place, rave about why you love a band, defend something, or simply rant about that annoying group of Black Sabbath rip-off bands that pull influence from other Black Sabbath rip-off bands. Really, write about whatever you feel is interesting.

If your article is post-worthy i'll be sure to give you all the credit you deserve - send me your links to blogs, personal websites, band sites etc. and i'll be happy to promote them along with your article. Or if you want to remain anonymous that would be cool too. The only criteria is that the article must be related to the theme of this blog, must be somewhat articulately written, and must be at least a couple paragraphs. Otherwise, go nuts!

You can send me your articles at, and title the e-mail "Ritual Room article".

I look forward to hearing from you.


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