Sunday, August 9, 2009

Album: Hog Molly - "Kung Fu Cocktail Grip" 2001

Well, I didn't think anything could get any more primal and heavy than Tad until i heard this album. Sure, it is one of Mr. Doyle's side projects, and I hear a lot of similarities to Tad but it avoids some of the more pop influenced moments that Tad can have. The best description i can give is that this is Tad without the cushioning. I guess that says a lot becuase Tad doesn't have much of that to begin with. Although the man Tad has a bit. Anyways - this album is raw as hell and primal, heavy rock really doesn't get any better than this.

1. Mr Right
2. Octapussy
3. Alcohog
4. Heatstroke
5. Scorched
6. Hoggchronocity
7. Paycheck
8. Bitch Slapper
9. Let it Ride
10. Bloodpusher
11. Moonraker
12. Russian Mafia
13. Fuck the Red Lights
14. Short Bus
15. Autotang


  1. This album rules and always has ruled. Thanks for the upload. Do you know if Hogmolly ever released anything else? I also heard that Tad had a band called Hoof at one point, and I wonder if they released anything? Cheers!

  2. "Kung Fu Cocktail Grip" is only one

  3. The link are deleted!! Upload Again this treasure..Plaese In another mirror!! Thanks :)