Thursday, August 6, 2009

Album/News: VALIS - "Vast Active Living Intelligence System" & Upcoming material

I'm trying to avoid the obvious album choices here, and although this album has gotten tons of positive feedback in the stoner rock community, i still feel that its somewhat a hidden gem. It's definitly no recent discovery for me, but I feel the need to share this great album! Really spacey, Sabbath influenced, hazy, psychedelic rock. For those who aren't familiar with the lineup it contains Van Connor of Screaming Trees fame.

released 2002, Lunasound/Abstract

1. Indian Giver
2. Transmuter
3. Universe
4. Pass Me By
5. Mealworm
6. Yakima Preacher
7. Kill the Ones You Love
8. Universe 2
9. All Phase
10. Paper Doll
11. Love Loader
12. Pilots House

VALIS also has a new album featuring Mark Lanegan on guest vocals.. I wonder how this will compare to Screaming Trees material! I'm sure it will be good becuase Mark Lanegan can really do no wrong in my mind. I'll be sure to upload and review it soon - once i get ahold of it. I'm also pretty stoked on the upcoming Kandi Coded split.

"Coming Soon

2009: Dark Matter - Now on Itunes - CD Out April 14th- Small Stone
2009: Split Single with Kandi Coded - Volcom Entertainment2
009: Northwest Mind Meld - Various Artists - Small Stone"

source: VALIS Myspace

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