Thursday, November 11, 2010

Album: Minsk - "Out of A Centre Which Is Neither Dead Nor Alive"

I ignored this bands existance for years for no real reason, until about 6 months ago when curiosity overcame me and I decided to give them a listen. I was immediately blown away and began kicking myself for all the time I had wasted. Upon first listen, you're bound to recognize the obvious Neurosis influence, but Minsk are much more than another band mimicking the Gods. Pounding tribal rythms, powerful riffing, really passionate vocals, and much more all come together in a thick layer of blissful psychedelia, resulting in one of the more creative and inspired records in this genre that I can think of. This resonates really deeply with me, musically and lyrically and I'm still kind of obsessing over it. Highly, highly reccomended if you're like me and skipped over this.

(It feels so good to blog again. Sorry!)

1. Waging War on the Forevers
2. Narcotics and Dissecting Knives
3. Holy Flower of the North Star
4. Three Hours
5. Bloodletting and Forgetting
6. Wisp of Tow

DL: "Out Of A Centre Which Is Neither Alive Nor Dead"

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  1. If you live in Illinois... come see them live on New Years Eve.

    info here: