Sunday, November 21, 2010

Feature: Soundgarden 7"

on the 26th of this month (this month being november)...soundgarden will be releasing a 7" consisting of 2 previously unreleased songs:

"the telephantasm" and a live version of "gun"

and hopefully with "the telephantasm"...we'll get to hear the story of the wolf on the cover...i mean...just go and look at it...doesn't it look as if it has a story to tell?...maybe it'll tell us the story about THAT DAMNED PUZZLE ON THE SOUNDGARDEN didn't mean to raise my voice...BUT THAT DAMN PUZ...sorry

moving on

so be on the look out for 7" of soundgarden

i need to go and scream into a pillow and possibly slap around my incredible hulk punching bag



  1. i bought the telephantasm on vinyl some time's such a great record!!!
    love to hear more about the story of the wolf ^^

  2. telephantasm cover doesnt look as a soundagarden cover...this artist from neurosis/storm of light kick ass, but i think that it didn´t fit in garden´s stuff..