Thursday, November 18, 2010

Album: Quest For Fire - "Lights From Paradise"

I'm missing this band play tonight and am staying in and listening to this album instead, so i'm deeming it appropriate to post. (Does it mean you're getting old when you miss good shows due to cold weather and being grumpy and overworked?). Reguardless of my own setbacks, I absolutely adore Quest For Fire and their style of chill psych rock. Sometimes meditative, sometimes rocking, their latest release titled "Lights From Paradise" is just an enjoyable and easy listen that will grab and keep your interest with entrancing twists and turns... think something along the lines of Dead Meadow breeding with Nebula to create an incredible lovechild. This is a beautiful album and I guess the fact that Quest For Fire are Canadian and signed to Tee Pee are just gravy. Vibe out.

1. The Greatest Hits By God
2. Set Out Alone
3. Strange Vacation
4. Confusion's Home
5. In The Place Of A Storm
6. Psychic Seasons
7. Hinterland Who's Who
8. Sessions Of Light

DL: "Lights From Paradise"

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I had never heard of them until now & I think I have a new favorite band.