Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Album: Led Zeppelin - I

you may remember seeing the words "fuck led zeppelin,this is where it's at" over on the ritual room facebook page

it's a good thing that those words were posted anonymously as i'd hate to show up at someone's house and ruin their day with some nude air drumming to some "moby dick"

the battle has raged on for centuries as to who was the first heavy metal band

was it led zeppelin?

was it black sabbath?

bands have broken up...friends have been lost...plates have been smashed at the dinner table...

and the only answer i give to anyone that has posed that question to me is: go and listen to each band's first album...then come back and talk to me

but honestly...when it comes to each band's recorded output...i can listen to all of led zeppelin's albums over and over again

when it comes to black only really need their first 6 albums (yeah...that's right...sit down guy wearing the MOB RULES t-shirt)

but i digress

i was first turned onto led zeppelin by one of my teachers back in high school...and the first time my parents heard me listening to blew their minds as i was listening to things they had grown up with

you can't deny the powerhouse that is/was drummer john bonham

or the laid back bass from john paul jones

or the hot licks from jimmy page

or the caterwauling nonsensical vocals of robert plant

that's right....i just used the terms "hot licks" and "caterwauling" you've never stood in front of a mirror and sang along to "dazed and confused" into a comb either

also...why hasn't a cover band called ZEPPATH happened yet? (and yes...they would only cover zeppelin and sabbath)

so...just go on ahead and give that DL down there a little poke

DL: led zeppelin I


  1. Great choice,Ipecac.I know we touched on this once at SGM but really original music is hard to come by.The great thing about alot of "70's Rock",like early Punk,is that it was being invented at the moment.Nowadays anyone can start any kind of band and the groundwork is already laid out for them.Wanna start a Punk band,you got 30 years of bands to referance.Same goes for Noise,Industrial,Grunge,Hardcore,etc.I know this arguement is mote but it just seems like every original thought has been used.We are all now just recyclers of nostalgia.

  2. I prefer Sabbath over Zeppelin, personally, but to deny Zeppelin's influence would be absurd.

    I had a whole rant prepared but will spare you those mindless ramblings regarding the question of the genesis of heavy metal, but I will impart this:

    Sabbath makes me want to change all that is wrong in the world whereas Zeppelin makes me want to hang out at boy/girl parties and drink beers, scamming on said girls at the aforementioned party.

    However, if either band was put on the stereo at a party, I would high five whoever did so and proceed to play all manner of air instrument as if my life depended on it.