Friday, March 4, 2011

News: Melvins Live Album "Sugar Daddy" to Be Released This Month

MORE NEWS! Damnit, I'm so behind on my Melvins business. (Not really. I'm just grumpy since I missed a chance to buy the HAZE XXL version of "The Bride Screamed Murder". Has anyone managed to get any of these?)

Anyways, this is a live Melvins recording which is awesome. This is titled "Sugar Daddy", which is also awesome. If you look at the track listing you will see that is also, in fact (you guessed it) awesome. This will be released March 31st on Ipecac. (The person as well as the label).

1. Nude with Boots
2. Dog Island
3. Dies Iraea
4. Civilized Worm
5. The Kicking Machine
6. Eye Flies
7. Tipping The Lion
8. Rat Faced Granny
9. The Hawk
10. You've Never Been Right
11. A History of Bad Men
12. Star Spangled Banner
13. Boris

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  1. youll get a record soon, 600 more to be released one dalek...up soon