Friday, March 11, 2011

News: New Track by Mark Lanegan Released For "Rage Untethered" Game

That's right, new Mark Lanegan material! The track is called "Burning Jacobs Ladder" and was released/created for the "Rage Untethered" game trailer. (Fortunately it really doesn't disappoint despite the sellout undertones. I don't really blame Lanegan for doing something like this for the money/hype, either). Anyways, I'm loving the new track and am waiting on pins and needles for his next solo album. You can stream and download "Burning Jacob's Ladder" for free here.

And I definitely have to give a special thanks to Mark (a different Mark, obviously. Yarm. No, not that one either) for the tip on this one!


  1. I wouldn't call this selling out at all really - the song is very fitting for the tone of Rage, and I hope the rest of the soundtrack is up to this calibre. Game developers are artists too after all.