Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Live Recording: Green River - 10.24.87 - Scream Club - Los Angeles,CA

seeing as how you're all patrons of the ritual room...i'd like to think that you know what the grunge is all about

it's rumored that mark arm gave it the moniker "grunge"

and mark arm fronted green river

see how everything just came together?

the band also spawned a few other bands: mother love bone/mudhoney/pearl jam/temple of the dog

the band was on a 5 day tour of west coast when this turned out to be the their "last show" because they were fighting amongst themselves (and bassist jeff ament filling the band's guest list with music industry folks rather than friends of the band didn't seem to help matters much)

and i put the words "last" and "show" in parentheses because the band has since gotten back together and played a few one off shows since then and are also possibly releasing a new album and touring

but enough with the words...

1 - forever means
2 - rehab doll
3 - queen bitch (1)
4 - together we'll never
5 - by her own hand
6 - this town
7 - smilin' and dyin'
8 - swallow my pride
9 - the needle and the damage done (2)/aint' nothin' to do (3)

1=david bowie cover
2=neil young cover
3=dead boys cover

DL: green river@scream club

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