Thursday, January 13, 2011

Album: Ararat - "Musica De La Resistencia"

Here's a really cool psych album by Ararat - a side project stemming from Los Natas - called "Musica De La Resistencia". I needed to give this album a listen after hearing their atmospheric trip of a track called "Gitanoss" on the Welcome To Meteor City comp and am far from being disappointed. "Musica De La Resistencia" is experimental and entrancing. Highly recommended!

1. Gitanoss
2. Dos Horses
3. El Carrusel
4. Little Grissy
5. Ganar-Perder
6. Magia Negra
7. Castro

1 comment:

  1. Los Natas are great, but Gitanoss mean Gipsys, wtf?! Anyway, thanks for posting this!