Monday, January 31, 2011

Album: Sixty Watt Shaman - Seed Of Decades

this is one of those albums that you can't seem to just listen to one song from (it's like that for me anyway)

this is the kind of action that you want going down during a backyard bbq (and it'll put bbq sauce in your beard...and if you don't have a beard will make you grow one just so you can put some there)

i was supposed to see these guys play in chicago back in '03 with clutch and a band called flybanger...i was stoked as i had just gotten into sixty watt shaman...and i'm a HUGE clutch fan (as we all should be)...but...the girl i was with at the time apparently thought it would be a bad idea to drive 2 hours in a snowstorm (and yes...i called her a sissy) for weeks afterward i was taunted by 2 unused tickets...and from what i'd heard about the show...there were only about 20 people there

that was a good story,grampa

if you consider yourself a fan of anything that's been posted really REALLY need this as well

fine...i'll throw a few band names out there to help in the selling of the band:

alabama thunderpussy

karma to burn

the mighty nimbus (vocalist dan soren was a member at one time...and drummer pete campbell currently plays guitar in the band)


post-1994 corrosion of conformity

did that work?

thought so

DL: seed of decades

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