Thursday, January 27, 2011

News: ATP "I'll Be Your Mirror" - New York 2011

So the lineup for ATP New York is starting to unravel again, but I'm not nearly as giddy as I was last year at this point. The lineup so far looks alright (Shellac, Bonnie Prince Billy) but I don't see myself buying a ticket and putting my life aside to travel to New York for it like I did last year. (Which was amazing.) I guess it's not really my cup of tea this year but I can see certain people being really stoked on this. Also, the festival is relocating to Astbury Park in New Jersey.

From ATP's website: "All Tomorrow's Parties returns to the USA this September in the new location of Asbury Park, N.J. bringing an I'll Be Your Mirror event to the iconic Asbury Park waterfront. For the inaugural American I'll Be Your Mirror, Portishead will curate the Saturday and Sunday and headline their first East Coast shows since 1998!"

You can check the full announced lineup here, and I'll be posting regular lineup updates like I did last year.

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