Saturday, September 25, 2010

Album: Eleven - Self-Titled

by popular demand...

this was the album that got me turned onto the band

essential jams:
"towers" (which smells like teen spirit)

in my opinion...for the time they existed...there really wasn't another band out there quite like them...and they more than likely went over the heads of those that weren't already familiar with them...they were/are kind of like a hidden gem that once you find're automatically taken in by something you're not quite able to put your finger on...well...that's how it was for me

so...if you folks out there dig this album...there are others that i can post as well

DL: eleven


  1. Listening to this and 'Thunk' with the benefit of hindsight, I can really see how much of an influence Johannes had on Cornell and how much he continues to have on Josh Homme. This is not in ANY way a bad thing, although I wish that Cornell had paid more attention - THAT way, maybe we could have avoided the colossal turd that was Audioslave.

  2. This was really nice stuff.
    Please do post more if you have and thanx a lot.


  3. I am discovering Eleven just now, after being a fan of QOTSA for a long while. Soundgarden before that. And now Them Crooked Vultures. Elvis Costello has always been one of my favorites. What does all of this music have in common?

    Alain Johannes. Wow.