Thursday, September 9, 2010

EP: Earth - Extra-Capsular Extraction

it's the album that made people go "oh'll be so kick ass if we can play as slow as possible...and only use chord changes every 10 minutes...this is gonna be a great idea!"

i remember finding my very first earth album in a bin of cassettes years ago at a disc was the PHASE 3: THRONES AND DOMINIONS was only $1.00...i'd never heard of the band before then...and really...i don't even remember why i bought it...maybe it was because of the album cover

so i took it home...popped it into the stereo....and BAM! windows rattled

and then i was sold

actually...i wasn't completely sold until i was laying on my couch with some headphones on and under the influence of some...well...

let's just say i went for a little ride...on my couch

so enough of the words

you know who earth are

you know what you need to do

DL: extra-capsular extraction

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