Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Live Recording: Mark Lanegan - "Live at the Esplanade Hotel July 9, 2010"

Well folks, Ritual Room's good friend and loyal follower Paddy has done it again - and by "it", I mean he's sent over more awesome Mark Lanegan material. This is a bootleg that was being sold at Mark's recent show in Dublin that Paddy was kind enough to upload - a recording of a performance from July 9, 2010 at the Esplanade Hotel in Melbourne, Australia. Apparently it was basically the same setlist as the Dublin show and was quite the performance (as you can see by the setlist!). This recording is amazing quality as well. This gives me chills. Enjoy.

1. When Your Number Isn't Up
2. One Way Street
3. No Easy Action
4. Miracle
5. Like Little Willie John
6. Don't Forget Me
7. Where the Twain Shall Meet
8. Message to Mine
9. Mirrored
10. The River Rise
11. One Hundred Days
12. Field Song
13. Traveller
14. Bombed
15. Wildflowers

***picture stolen from Owl and Bear***


  1. I live in Melbourne, we are priviliged to have alot of good acts come this way! Especially Mark Lanegan at such a great venue like the Espy!!

  2. What audio format is this recording in?

  3. Awesome, Psymin! Were you at this show??

    And Katey, MP3.

  4. most excellent, thanks so much!

  5. Hey Cara, glad you like it must say it was a great gig, Mr Lanegan must be short on cash as he was charging €20 for that cd :( anyway if your interested here is the full setlist from the Dublin gig

    Field Song
    One Way Street
    No Easy Action
    I'll Take Care of You (Brook Benton cover)
    Like Little Willie John
    Don't Forget Me
    Where The Twain Shall Meet (Screaming Trees cover)
    Message To Mine
    This Strange Effect (The Kinks cover)
    The River Rise
    One Hundred Days
    On Jesus' Program
    Hit the City

    When Your Number Isn't Up
    Traveler (Screaming Trees cover)
    Wild Flowers
    Hangin' Tree (Queens of the Stone Age cover)
    Shadow of the Season (Screaming Trees cover)
    Halo Of Ashes (Screaming Trees cover)

  6. I think the Dublin gig was an electric show, right? Melbourne was acoustic. I would have loved to have heard the Screaming Trees songs and Hit the City.

    Hoping to get a copy of the CD one of these days.

  7. That gig in Melbourne was the best concert I had been to in over 15 years. Those two men caused the gershwin room to be absolutely crammed. it was well worth whatever I paid.
    Can anyone tell me who was the guitarist? I don't think it was David Rosser for this gig.

  8. it was dave Rosser.