Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Feature: Soundgarden - Telephantasm

this is getting released on the 28th of this month

how many of you are going to lay down some cash for this business?

it really doesn't give much in the way of something new for your everyday soundgarden appreciator...but it is a pretty decent place to start for the newbies

and who knows...maybe this could give way to a new album

so if you're a fan of soundgarden and t-shirts you can buy at flea markets...


  1. Lets put it THIS way, I won't be forking over the hard-earned cash for the super-deluxe fancy-pants version.

  2. to me...the only thing worth having out of all that is the dvd

  3. The deluxe, 2cd 1dvd itunes (shudders) version is the best looking. Although anything i sucks arse. It's for IDIOT, crapple and macintrash blow.