Saturday, September 18, 2010

Compilation: Sub Pop 5

Someone was giving me crap about not posting this one when I posted the Sub Pop 100, 200 & 300 comps a while back, so here it is - the very first musical release by Sub Pop. This is the legendary Sub Pop 5 cassette which was the first release of theirs not to just be a zine and was also their 5th release... Imagine that. (And before you start asking where the Sub Pop 7 cassette is, I'm posting that one next so don't even worry your pretty little heads about it.)

So listen and enjoy the street cred this may or may not give you when you mention it at parties. (Okay... not parties... dinner with your parents.) (Okay... not dinner with your parents... the AOL chat room.)

1. Just For Money - Visible Targets
2. What's Important - Beakers
3. Reagan Speaks For Himself - Doug Kahn
4. Digital Alarm - Steve Fisk
5. Diary Of You - Cool Rays
6. Debbie - Bruce Pavitt
7. Spy Vs Spy - Pell Mell
8. Job Club - Jungle Nausea
9. Dirty White Lies - Neo Boys
10. It Hurts Me To Remember - Product One
11. Rubber Heads - Nurses
12. It Saw Me - Jad Fair
13. Switzer Boy - The Bohemians
14. Sofa Or A Chair - Vague-leys
15. Sing, Mary, Sing - Sports Of Kinds
16. Men At Work - The Men
17. Get Out Of The Bathroom - Oil Tasters
18. Slaughterhouse - All Night Movies
19. Eat, Sleep A-Go-Go - Get Smart
20. Lifespan - Embarrassment
21. Tronada - Ray Milland + Church Of The Subgenius - Excerpts

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