Thursday, November 19, 2009

Album: Killdozer - "For Ladies Only"

I've been listening to "For Ladies Only" by Killdozer a lot lately. This is a band that never takes themselves seriously, and this has to be the least serious of all their albums. Why, you ask? It's all covers. Elvis, Deep Purple, Steve Miller Band.... it goes on, and they're all done fantastically. There's something about Micheal Gerald's vocals that's silly, deeply sarcastic, and will really make you want to listen. Also, this will make you see these "classics" in a new light; in fact, it will make you realize how cheesy these songs really are while you enjoy how great the covers are. Their version of "Burnin' Love" is brilliant and they even make songs like "American Pie" sound good - at least if you're a fan of Killdozer you'll think so.

On a side note.. wasn't Touch and Go an awesome label?

1994, Touch and Go

1. Hush

2. Good Lovin' Gone Bad

3. Burnin' Love

4. You've Never Been This Far Before

5. One Tin Soldier - The Legend of Billy Jack

6. Take The Money and Run

7. American Pie

8. Funk #49


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  1. Awesome! I'd criminally ignored this band for years due to their slow style, but of course I was missing out. Always loved their cover of "unbelievable". Great post as this is pretty hard to come by (to buy or to evaluate), so thanks.