Sunday, November 22, 2009

EP: Goatsnake - "Trampled Under Hoof"

After taking a four year hiatus, Goatsnake put out "Trampled Under Hoof" in 2004. This is a great EP ... how can you not like Goatsnake's brand of muddy, slow, bluesy, heavy rock n roll? I feel like I can safely say that a) Goatsnake has never put out anything that isn't fantastic (obviously this is no exception), and b) Goatsnake is the best of all Greg Anderson's projects.

Also, there's a really well done cover of "Burial At Sea" by Saint Vitus on here that's definitely a must-listen track - especially for a dreary Sunday like today. Hell, you might as well make it an even drearier one by listening to this EP.

...So how about that Goatsnake reunion coming up?

2004, Southern Lord

1. Portraits of Pain
2. Black Cat Bone
3. Juniors Jam
4. Burial At Sea (Saint Vitus Cover)
5. Hot Rod (Black Oak Arkansas Cover)

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