Monday, November 16, 2009

EP: Sons of Kyuss - S/T

There must be something in the water around here.. or its just feeling like a Kyuss / QOTSA kind of week. Here's another one for you and i'm going back even farther in time.

This is an EP by Sons of Kyuss, which I suppose is a pre-Kyuss band seeing as its the same lineup with the only difference being a slight name change. Kyuss albums like "Blues For The Red Sun" and "....And The Circus Leaves Town" have become legendary in the heavy rock world and don't really need any further uptalk; however, i was just talking to a friend about how great and overlooked Sons of Kyuss is. It's unfortunate that it's put on the backburner a lot of the time becuase this is some of the most rockin', dirty stuff the band ever put out and dear god - the riffs are awesome. This EP was released in 1990.

1. Deadly Kiss

2. Window of Souls

3. King

4. Isolation Desolation

5. Love Has Passed Me By

6. Black Widow

7. Happy Birthday

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