Thursday, November 5, 2009

Feature: Last Rizla and The Company Corvette

Not that this website is that big of a deal, but bands do send me their material now and again. (really, thanks for sending me your music, i love to recieve it.) I go through it and select the best ones.. and i mean, come on - would I ever steer you wrong? If you're into hearing some underground talent then keep on reading.
Here's a couple bands from this month that really caught my attention:
First up is Last Rizla, from Greece. Upon first listen I was really digging the Killdozer-esque (at times) vocals and variations of smooth and noisy guitar riffs. They're really eclectic but kind of sound like Kyuss would if they were signed to AmRep. Or something. This demo is sort of like listening to 10 different bands at once, yet it all comes together.
The next one is called The Company Corvette from Philadelphia. Their style is just heavy, psychedelic rock n roll. They're really reminiscent of Fu Manchu in some ways - I think it's the clean sounding vocals and heavy, groovy riffs. I'm really enjoying this - very smooth and catchy. Upload this album if you're into some really well-done heavy rock.
They just released an album and you can listen to it here:
Or check out their myspace page here:


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