Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Album: Bad Wizard - "#1 Tonite!"

I'm being forced to use my old home computer at the moment since my laptop is unavailable, and while looking through piles of music that I haven't touched in years (purely out of forgetfulness, not becuase it's bad) I found "#1 Tonite!" by Bad Wizard and couldn't resist posting it here. This is just some really ripping, MC5-esque, hard rock and roll that is really a lot of fun and is something I am a huge sucker for. I have a feeling this is what bands like The Darkness are attempting to do but failing, and even slightly more legit examples like Priestess can't hold a candle to how ripping and enjoyably rocking this is. While I'm at it Wolfmother can fuck right off as well - stupid lyrics like "woman, yeah woman, you've got to be a woman" are nowhere to be seen here and can I just say thank god.

1. So Bad
2. #1 Tonight!
3. Turn it Up (Turn Me On)
4. Six to Midnight Man
5. Mean Nite Tonight
6. Teachin' Blues
7. A Helpin' Hand
8. Can't Talk to You
9. Wizard of Shackles

DL: "#1 Tonite!" ***

***Also, my apologies if the quality on this is messed up. I have a feeling it might be on the first track. Let me know if it is and I'll do a re-up when I get my laptop back. That is all.

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