Thursday, May 6, 2010

Album: Lubricated Goat - "Plays the Devil's Music"

Australian noise mongers Lubricated Goat are unquestionably one of my favorite Amphetamine Reptile related bands and are also certainly one of the most sinister acts to come out of the label ...which is saying something. Their 1987 release "Plays the Devil's Music" is wonderfully weird and frantically catchy yet offers up more than just a touch of evil and angst. The album art probably sums up this album better than I ever could - just imagine the Devil playing some catchy grooves and you're halfway there in terms of what this album is like. God damn Aussies know how to do it up right. Soak up the evil.

1. Jason the Unpopular
2. Beyond the Grave
3. Guttersnipe
4. Nerve Quake
5. Anal Injury
6. Hornraiser
7. Frotting With Ennio
8. Kill
9. Can't Believe We're Really Making Love
10. Outro

1 comment:

  1. I have:
    Lubricated Goat - Forces you don't understand (pcp, 1994)
    Lubricated Goat - Unskinned goat (rarities and b-sides)
    Lubricated Goat - Paddock of love

    If you want mp3s let me know.