Sunday, May 23, 2010

Megapost: 50 Killer Riffs for 50,000 Hits

As of today there have been 50,000 hits in this site and so I thought I would celebrate by putting a list of 50 awesome riffs together. What a monumental occasion! (Okay, not really but I thought this would be fun.) This will, of course, include an upload and don't expect one of those shitty, thoughtless lists straight from Rolling Stone magazine that just grabs overused choices from radio classic rock bands as these are just riffs I legitimately enjoy and groove out to on a regular basis. Even though some are obvious choices like "Into the Void", "Smoke on the Water" or "Sunshine of Your Love", I chose them for a reason and most of these are just riffs from my music collection that get me pumped up for different reasons.

Since these are some of my personal favorites, let me briefly explain what I look for in a good riff - the three most important factors for me are groove, hook and weight. I will take catchiness, steady rolling groove and simplicity over wanky, overdone riffs anyday and I think the best riffs are usually the simplest. Also, I seriously considered putting the entirety of "Dopesmoker" on this list but decided it was way too long. But anyways, take of this what you will - I ordered the songs alphabetically to make it easier to go through.

Hopefully you will enjoy this compilation and here's to another 50,000!

1. The Destroyer - The Atomic Bitchwax
2. Grounds For Divorce - Big Business
3. One Nine - Black Cobra
4. N.I.B - Black Sabbath
5. Into The Void - Black Sabbath
6. Preacher - Blue Cheer
7. Guts - Budgie
8. Black Stone Wielder - Candlemass
9. Sunshine of Your Love - Cream
10. Suffering Brings Wisdom - Crowbar
11. Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple
12. High Roller - Dozer
13. Flames Go Higher - Eagles of Death Metal
14. Sonic Prayer - Earthless
15. Dirty Witch - Egypt
16. Prairie Witch - Electric Horsemen
17. Behemoth - Electric Wizard
18. Satori Part 1 - Flower Travellin Band
19. Satori Part 5 - Flower Travellin Band
20. The Falcon Has Landed - Fu Manchu
21. The Judge - The Gates of Slumber
22. Flower of Disease - Goatsnake
23. Wheel of Time - Grand Magus
24. In the Meantime - Helmet
25. Fury Whip - High on Fire

26. Generation Void - Iron Man
27. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - Jimi Hendrix
28. One Shot At Glory - Judas Priest
29. Thee Ol' Boozeroony - Kyuss
30. Demon Cleaner - Kyuss
31. Keep Goin' - Lucifer's Friend
32. Honey Bucket - The Melvins
33. Queen - The Melvins
34. The Doorway - Neurosis
35. Wicked Love - Night Horse
36. Brother Blue Steel - The Obsessed
37. Epicurean Mass - Orodruin
38. 20 Buck Spin - Pentagram
39. Here Come The Bastards - Primus
40. Skin on Skin - Queens of the Stone Age
41. Burial At Sea - Saint Vitus
42. Hell Hound - Sir Lord Baltimore
43. Dragonaut - Sleep
44. Hourglass - Solitude Aeturnus
45. Slaves & Bulldozers - Soundgarden
46. Bullhorn - Tad
47. Psalm 9 - Trouble
48. Destroyer - Winters
49. Changing - Witch
50. Molotov Cocktail - 500 Ft Of Pipe


  1. this is awesome, thanks! I love lists like this.

  2. Riff-tastic! You can't go wrong with this lineup. Handmade comps rule.