Friday, May 28, 2010

Live Recording: Earthless - "Sonic Prayer Jam"

This was a really limited edition recording that Earthless sold at shows a while back that later got reissued on a (once again, really limited edition) 10". This is essentially a live jam based on the track "Sonic Prayer" that clocks in at around 15 minutes. If you are familiar with the crushingly hypnotizing riff that makes up "Sonic Prayer" then that is reason enough to listen to this right now. (If not, well, goddamn - the riff that makes up "Sonic Prayer" is crushingly hypnotizing so you should listen to this right now.) Like most Earthless material this has almost a trance enducing effect and is cosmically dizzying. All in all this is just a really cool jam and is definitely worth a listen. Or a bunch of listens.

1. Sonic Prayer Jam Part I
2. Sonic Prayer Jam Part II

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