Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Album: Cavity - "Supercollider"

I wouldn't say that this album is underrated, as people who love this really love it. Maybe underappreciated by the general population of heavy music fans is more appropriate. Think Black Flag meets Black Sabbath, coming together to sound like a more coherent Eyehategod. Basically this is some really heavy, pissed, and rocking sludge from the swamps of Florida. The band really got their shit together for this one. It's so well done that it feels like one of those totally classic records that you can throw on at any time and vibe out to. And trust me, if you're skeptical, this stands miles above every other typical stoner/sludge band that just ends up sounding like Bongzilla. Theres a lot of energy here, and it's a lot of fun. For the curious, members were/have been/are in Floor, Torche, and Black Cobra.
You need this.

DL: "Supercollider"

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