Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Album: Crowbar - "Odd Fellows Rest"

For the longest time, I only associated Crowbar with Pantera and shitty bros who watch too much Headbangers Ball. Upon actually listening to Crowbar, I immediately realised what a mistake I had made. So if you're in the same boat I was, get ready to have your world collapse. This is the album that changed my mind, and from the moment "Planets Collide" started I knew I was in for some seriously heavy sludge. I started hearing these incredible down-tuned and burly riffs that also contained a lot of really sad melodies. Then came Kirk's throaty, soulful singing which relayed suffering, struggle, and life's hardships. I was sold and haven't looked back since. They quickly became one of those "soundtrack to your life" kind of bands. Historically, this was Crowbar's fifth studio album (1998), and it marked the beginning of a thicker, cleaner sounding production, as well as a move in a slightly more melodic direction. That said, it still manages to be heavier and darker than anything the band had done previously. Highly reccomended. Hail NOLA.
  1. Intro
  2. Planets Collide
  3. ...and Suffer as One
  4. 1,000 Year Internal War
  5. To Carry the Load
  6. December's Spawn
  7. It's All in the Gravity
  8. Behind the Black Horizion
  9. New Man Born
  10. Scattered Pieces Lay
  11. Odd Fellows Rest
  12. On Frozen Ground
DL: "Odd Fellows Rest"

Slave to no one but your misery...

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