Thursday, June 24, 2010

Album: Malachi - "Wither To Cover The Tread"

Todays menu features a heavy dose of crusty, cello-driven sludge metal. Dark, gloomy riffs build slowly into more rocking sections and back again, with quite a few moody instrumental pieces and ambient atmospherics in between. The song-writing seems really thought out and well put-together. Throat-shredding female vocals trade off with the lower, gruff sounding voice of the bassist but both are used sparingly and exactly where they should be. The cello parts add that extra eerie, haunting feel which really puts things over the top for me. The production is thick and gritty, with everything still being perfectly audible. In short, if you like your music dark, pissed off and depressing, give this a listen. Malachi are one of the better bands doing the epic crust/sludge with cello thing these days.
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1. Lifeless
2. Ivory Walls
3. Desert Rift
4 .Wither To Cover The Tread

DL: "Wither To Cover The Tread"

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