Monday, June 14, 2010

Album: Naam - "Naam"

I actually got into Naam thanks to the Tee Pee Records online sampler (which is killer and if you haven't already, you should download HERE) and haven't looked back. Here their self titled album which sounds something like a hybrid of the middle eastern, meditative style of Om combined with the furiously jammed out and psychotic style of Earthless. There are a ton of experimental elements in this album and it's almost overwhelming upon first listen, but I find something new I like about it each time I listen to it; in fact, there's everything from psychedelic organs to Hawkwind-esque riffs to tribal drums and so I am confident that any fan of heavy or psychedelic music will find something to love about this release. This is a really unique stepping stone for psychedelic music and yet exactly what you would expect from a Tee Pee release.

1. Kingdom
2. Stone Ton
3. Skyling Slip
4. Fever If Fire
5. Tidal Barrens

6. Icy Row
7. Westered Wash
8. Frosted Tread
9. Windy Gates
10. Black Ice

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